Saving water, particularly hot water, will reduce your carbon footprint.

We’re experiencing increasingly wet weather, yet we’re told we need to save water. Why? All mains water needs to be collected, treated and delivered to us. All these processes have an environmental impact, as does heating water for our lovely hot showers and baths.

water flowing from a kitchen tap

Quick & easy ways to save water

A man washing a car with buckets and a spongeThere are so many simple ways to save water around the house. For each of the different ways you use water, there’s probably a way to use less. Turning off the tap while cleaning your teeth, spending less time in the shower, collecting rainwater to water plants or washing the car using a bucket of water rather than a hose pipe… there are almost endless examples.

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If it’s mellow, let it yellow!

With a like minded family this mantra can save loads of water! Don’t forget, you can flush the loo with rainwater collected in a bucket, water already used to wash salads or to wash up. If that’s one or two steps too far, you could install a cistern block to reduce the volume of water in your flush.


Other gadgets include water saving taps and showerhead. Extreme water savings nozzles now exist, with water savings of up to 96%! Many gadgets are given away for free by water companies. Check out the Reduce Reuse Recycle website to find out what’s available >

Big projects

There are many major changes you can implement at home as part of new builds or alterations. Consider choosing products that use the least water for your budget.