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Welcome to the new CAfS website!

Come in and have a good browse around. But please bear with us, as our new online home is still a work in progress.

As you stroll around, we hope you’ll like the parts of the house that are finished. You’ll see that we still have quite a snagging list to get through!

There are new pages and sections to add, some layouts to tidy up, colours to adjust, links to check, events and suppliers to add… phew.

We’d welcome your early feedback, though. We hope it will become your home on the internet, when you’re looking for help to make your lifestyle that little bit more sustainable. Meanwhile, thanks for bearing with us!

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Celebrating 20 years on the journey to a zero carbon Cumbria!

This year, CAfS has been celebrating our first full 20 years as an independent organisation tackling climate change in Cumbria! It's a fantastic opportunity to look back and remember just how far we've come and all that we've achieved - especially at at time when there's more collective determination [...]

New project will boost chargepoints across Cumbria & the North

Infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) across northern England is set to power up over the next eighteen months thanks to new government investment announced this month. Cumbria Action for Sustainability is part of a partnership, led by Cybermoor and Charge my Street, which will join forces to deliver the [...]

Green build festival powers up with new headline sponsor

Electricity North West has been named as the headline sponsor for this year’s Cumbria Green Build and Sustainable Living Festival. This annual programme showcasing clever low-energy buildings and home improvements, along with ways to cut carbon footprints, will expand to around fifty events for 2019, thanks to the sponsorship [...]

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Headline sponsor – 2019 Cumbria Green Build & Sustainable Living Festival

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