Delegates on a CAfS course on retrofitting buildings visit the site of a low-energy building, as part of the Cumbria Green Build Festival

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Welcome to the new CAfS website!

Come in and have a good browse around. But please bear with us, as our new online home is still a work in progress.

As you stroll around, we hope you’ll like the parts of the house that are finished. You’ll see that we still have quite a snagging list to get through!

There are new pages and sections to add, some layouts to tidy up, colours to adjust, links to check, events and suppliers to add… phew.

We’d welcome your early feedback, though. We hope it will become your home on the internet, when you’re looking for help to make your lifestyle that little bit more sustainable. Meanwhile, thanks for bearing with us!

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Food-growing plans for Alston Moor take root after drop-ins

A community orchard and a community farm have emerged as the tastiest options for food growing on Alston Moor, after residents shared their views at drop-ins organized by CAfS in April. The two sessions at Alston Town Hall attracted a constant flow of people who are keen to [...]

Crowdfunding campaign powers up for solar schools

Alston Moor Community Energy (AMCE) needs your help to install solar PV at Alston’s schools. Although too cloudy for a commercial share offer, a solar array would have huge benefits for the schools and AMCE has launched a nine-week crowdfunding campaign to ensure the project goes ahead. Installing solar [...]

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