Free Energy Saving Advice from Cold to Cosy Homes Cumbria – apply now

As temperatures start to drop, people across Cumbria will be thinking about how they are going to afford to heat their home this winter.

Cold to Cosy Homes Cumbria offers free and independent energy saving advice and equipment to help you make your home warmer, more comfortable, and cheaper to heat. Our Cold to Cosy Homes team has already helped thousands of households to save money on their heating bills. Everyone can get a free telephone advice call from a qualified adviser. You may also be eligible for a free home visit.

Our service can offer:

  • Free energy-saving equipment such as free LED light bulbs, radiator reflectors, and remote controlled plugs.

  • Free draught proofing measures for instance draft excluders, letter box covers, key brushes, chimney balloons, chimney sheep
  • Advice on heating controls, boiler flow rates and thermostatic radiator valve settings
  • Help with understanding your energy bills and advice on switching to a cheaper energy tariff or manage energy debt
  • Advice on using smart meters or support with meter readings
  • Support to access insulation and heating improvement schemes and grants
  • Advice on tackling damp and mould
  • Advice on water saving

We can also call your energy supplier on your behalf to discuss a bill for instance, and can also help to refer you to other support agencies.

We may also be able to offer in depth advice on more extensive measures such as insulation, boilers, and heat pumps. This will be offered to households who are eligible for grants, such as ECO4, Great British Insulation Scheme, HUG2, and the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. We can also provide support to help you apply for grants and signpost to local and trusted suppliers.

Call us on
01768 216 500
Lines open 10am -3pm,
Monday – Friday.

Recent updates from our Home Visits

Graeme was in Keswick and informed a household about some financial help they could receive (Winter Fuel Payment and Electricity Northwest’s extra care register) and helped the household apply/register for these, as well as fitting energy saving radiator reflector panels.

Kate visited a home in  Workington and helped a householder to apply for ECO4 to help with the heating system, and also supported with a grant for insulation. She also provided energy saving LED lightbulbs.

Rick was in Kendal where he identified that a householder would be eligible for a grant for a replacement boiler, so signposted the householder to how they can apply for this, as well as fitting energy saving radiator reflector panels.

On a recent home visit in Carlisle, Graeme supported a householder with contacting their energy provider to set up a payment plan to manage their bills easier.

At a home in St Bees, Kate helped a householder by giving general energy saving advice. She also referred them for grant for improved insulation, and provided energy saving LED lightbulbs

Down in the South Lakes area, Rick was in Grange where he helped a householder to apply for grants to help with insulation through their energy provider.

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Our free energy saving guides cover even more energy saving tips, draught proofing, insulation, damp, ventilation and flooding.

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