Introducing Climate Fresk to Cumbria’s Sustainability Network

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The roll out of our new climate science training continued this month with a free Climate Fresk session for Cumbria Sustainability Network members working alongside Zero Carbon Cumbria. Groups from across Cumbria were invited to take part in the Climate Fresk course, helping us reach reach as wide a audience as possible, and gain vital feedback for future courses. The Cumbria Sustainability Network is a wide ranging network of community groups from across the county. They work within their local area to develop projects that that promote a sustainable way of living and decarbonisation. You can find out more about [...]

Green Enterprise Hub Success Stories: Paragon Veterinary Practice

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Reducing their carbon footprint through renewable energy, waste management and vehicle tracking. View the case study here: Paragon Veterinary Practice Visit Paragon Vets website Visit the W&F Green Enterprise Hub

Thinking of retrofit? Tips for insulation

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This is our third blog in our series exploring different aspects of retrofit. This one looks at insulation - and it’s a big topic!  Most modern houses are now built with cavity wall insulation, but many homes from the 1950s onwards were built with empty cavities that have been filled more recently or could have cavity wall insulation installed. Not all of these are suitable for cavity wall insulation. Older properties tend to have solid walls, or cavity walls that are not suitable for filling with insulation. These properties may be suitable for insulation either internally or externally.  It is [...]

Thinking of retrofit? Tips for draught-proofing

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Our series of blogs exploring home retrofit hints and tips continues with a look at draught proofing. Read about windows and doors in the first blog here.  Draught-proofing and ventilation are 2 sides of the same coin – Seal Tight, Ventilate Right.   Some ideas to think about: Sealing up the biggest and most obvious draughts is usually the easiest and cheapest way to save on heating bills (think letter boxes, around pipes and cables that run out through the external wall, open fireplaces, putting a carpet with underlay on a suspended timber floor and sealing around the edges)  Some draughts [...]

Thinking of retrofit? Tips for windows and doors

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In the first of a series of blogs to help you with a home retrofit we start thinking about replacing windows or doors. Windows can make a room feel too cold..... or too hot.  The U value of the whole window (Uw) is a measure of total heat loss through the glazing, the frame and the perimeter of the glass.  Uw depends on the size and shape of each window and the amount of glazing relative to the frame.  The g value tells you how much heat from the sun can get in (the lower the better if you have [...]

Penrith Building Society’s Amazing Summer Fundraising Efforts 

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Our charity partnership continues with the amazing Penrith Building Society who are running several activities this month to raise vital funds for CAfS. This includes a Cake Sale on 25th and 26th June, so if you’re in Penrith that day and feeling peckish, why not head into the branch and support their efforts? A good deed and a slice of cake, what’s not to like? Plus, we hear there are some talented bakers working at the branch so there shouldn’t be any soggy bottoms at this cake sale! The branch is also holding a month-long book swap event throughout June [...]

Green Enterprise Hub Success Stories: Crossbank Dental Care

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Growing a sustainable business network and finding innovative solutions in a clinical environment. View the case study here: Crossbank Dental Care Visit Crossbank Dental Care website Visit the W&F Green Enterprise Hub

Welcome to new Climate and Carbon Literacy trainers!

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Our award-winning Climate and Carbon Literacy team has expanded this month by three new trainers. We welcome Joe, Gina and Matt to our expert and experienced team! Growing our team is a testament to the appetite for understanding carbon and climate science, here in Cumbria and beyond in some cases! The team has currently trained over 1,900 people in Climate and Carbon Literacy, meaning more people than ever are now more aware of their carbon footprint, more confident in their understanding of the science, and able to share what they know in their communities and workplaces. Our growing team means [...]

Introducing Climate Fresk

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Over 1.6 million people worldwide have attended a Climate Fresk - a new way of learning about climate science and the causes and consequences of climate change. And now, the CAfS team have also experienced this interactive and dynamic way of understanding climate change which has been rolled out in over 160 countries. Climate Fresk is a three hour activity where participants link the causes and effects of climate change by organising and arranging cards. It's effective, accessible and fun, as well as being easily adaptable for different audiences. It's a powerful tool for ensuring quality climate education. Our Climate [...]

6 Climate-friendly policies to look out for: a voters’ guide to achieving net zero by 2037 in Cumbria

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As the urgency of climate change intensifies, the goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2037 becomes more critical. This ambitious target requires collaborative effort.  As Cumbrian voters, you have the power to shape a sustainable future for our region. By supporting candidates and policies that prioritise climate action, we can achieve net zero emissions by 2037. Here’s a quick guide to the key climate-friendly policies to look for:  Renewable energy What to look out for:  Investment in wind energy, solar, and hydroelectric power.  Investment in community-owned renewable energy projects. Faster transition towards renewables and away from fossil fuels.  Review [...]

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