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Contract: Youth Climate Summit delivery

On behalf of the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership, CAfS has been awarded £2.5 million from the National Lottery’s Climate Action Fund, for a five-year Zero Carbon Cumbria project. This includes a Youth Climate Action Programme, to support, empower and skill up young people in Cumbria to have their voices heard and to influence those in power to listen and act. The Youth Climate Action Programme includes a series of annual Youth Climate Summits with schools across Cumbria, bringing children, young people and teachers together. Youth Steering Committees will help set priorities for the summits including the topics covered and the [...]

Grants available for Great Big Green Week events

Community groups can be awarded up to £300 to host community events during Great Big Green Week (GBGW) 24th September – 2nd October 2022. This week is coordinated by the Climate Coalition as a way of raising awareness of climate change and getting more people involved in taking action. They have made resources available for events which are targeted at geographic areas or communities of interest which haven’t previously been supported to promote awareness on climate change.  In particular, they are looking to encourage events in disadvantaged areas, and with more vulnerable communities, such as migrants and refugees, older people, [...]

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Smaller grants lead to widespread action

The Zero Carbon Cumbria Community Climate Grants have been awarded to 11 organisations over the past few months. Earlier this year, we updated you on the two large grants (up to £10,000) awarded to community projects working to reduce carbon emissions in Cumbria. Now, we thought it was about time to give you a flavour of some of the other action taking place as a result of the grants. These projects are recipients of either the small or medium sized grants. While this is not all the projects that have been funded, they provide a snapshot of the brilliant initiative [...]

Climate change training rolling out to educators in Cumbria

CAfS will be helping to create a national climate training toolkit for educators as part of a new government plan. We will be one of the partners developing the toolkits, as part of the Department for Education's Climate & Sustainability Strategy, announced in April. Every maintained nursery, school, college and university in the country is to have a sustainability lead among their staff, all of whom will have 'carbon literacy' training on the climate crisis and how we can respond. We've been delivering accredited Climate and Carbon Literacy training in Cumbria since 2019 and we're now running a pilot [...]

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Over £19,000 awarded to locals tackling climate change

Two local projects have been granted funds to combat climate change in Cumbria following a special meeting of the Cumbria Sustainability Network (CSN). Local sustainability projects were invited to apply and present their ideas to reduce carbon emissions to the CSN and to the public for a chance to be awarded the grants of up to £10,000. An audience of over 60 people voted on their preferred local projects that targeted the areas of energy use, land use, waste, and transport. The first ‘winning’ project was the Ulverston Food Waste Project, which received £9,815 to aid in their effort [...]

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Zero Carbon Cumbria celebrates first birthday

It's been one whole year since the Zero Carbon Cumbria project first set sail, and we thought it would be worth taking a quick look back at what's been achieved over the past 12 months. Firstly, for those new to the project, the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership (ZCCP to their friends) is a partnership of 80 organisations from across Cumbria and different sectors of society. Their aim is to drive Cumbria to becoming the first county with net-zero carbon emissions in the UK by 2037. On behalf of ZCCP, CAfS helped to secure a generous grant of £2.5 million from [...]

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Community Climate Grants to move towards a Zero Carbon Cumbria 

A new Community Climate Grant fund of £100,000, backed by The National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK, has been launched by Cumbria Action for Sustainability this month to help local community groups fight climate change.     Groups can now apply for grants ranging from £200 to £10,000, for projects and events to raise awareness of the urgent need to stop climate change and to reduce carbon emissions from energy use, land use, waste and transport.    The grants are part of the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership’s ambitious emission reduction programme to make Cumbria carbon neutral by 2037.       CAfS chief executive, Karen Mitchell, said: “The aim of the climate grants is to help communities to reduce carbon emissions. Thanks to [...]

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Seeds of Resilience

On Sunday 7th November members of climate action groups from across Cumbria came together with local residents for a day of discussion and celebration at the National Trust’s Footprint building in Windemere. The event, entitled ‘Seeds of Resilience’, was organised by CAfS and the National Trust as part of the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership to mark COP26 Nature Day and to reinforce the message that everyone can take positive action locally to contribute towards global efforts to reduce the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Said Cumbria Sustainability Network Coordinator Helen Attewell, ‘The event brought together members of [...]

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Young people capitalise on COP26 to raise climate concerns

Young people in Cumbria have seized on the momentum generated by the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow to present their environmental concerns to leading figures within the county. They presented the outcomes from a recent successful Cumbria Youth Climate Summit to Councillor Celia Tibble (Cumbria County Council Cabinet Member for Environment) and Karen Mitchell (co-chair of Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership and CEO of Cumbria Action for Sustainability). The meeting, which took place at Cumbria County Council’s Kendal offices, coincided with Youth and Public Empowerment Day at COP26, the United Nations summit that brought together heads of state, climate experts [...]

COP26 – what we can dare to hope for and what it means for Cumbria

In a few days' time, world leaders will arrive in Glasgow for the UN climate summit, COP26. When the negotiations draw to a close two weeks later, will countries have made the commitments needed to keep global temperature rise within the crucial 1.5 degrees limit? Speaking to school children this week, the prime minister said: "I am very worried because it might go wrong and we might not get the agreements that we need and it is touch and go. It is very, very difficult, but I think it can be done." Whether the PM was managing expectations, or [...]

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