Shed 1 continues with CAfS’ as its charity partner for 2021

The award winning, Ulverston based, Shed 1 Gin approached us to be one of their 2020 charity partners. They are committed to pursuing a low carbon path and were keen to help support our work while doing so. Each year they run fundraising events and donate the proceeds of their Gin Jelly Marmalade to local charities, as well as a donation from every bottle and jar returned to them. However, 2020 wasn’t a year in which we could hold any events, so we were delighted when they kept us on as a partner this year as well. Our first [...]

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New scheme boosts fruit and vegetable growing in Cumbria

Cumbrian farmers have dedicated acres of land to growing fruit and vegetables this year, thanks to support from a new initiative, Home Grown Here. The scheme will see a tasty range of fresh produce grown in the county, from peas and potatoes to apples to rhubarb. Fresh from the fields, it will all be enjoyed by Cumbrians and visitors through local retailers, cafés, restaurants, hotels, farm shops and veg box schemes. It’s the brainchild of the Eden-based growers’ co-operative VistaVeg, and is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund as part of the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership’s ambitious emission-reduction [...]

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Good take up of the new CAfS carbon footprint calculators!

We‘re delighted to see good, early enthusiasm for our new carbon footprint calculators that were launched in early March 2021. Since then, they’ve already been used by 50 households and 10 businesses. You can find the calculators on our website here. They are available to use, for free, across Cumbria and Lancashire. One is for households and one is for businesses, both based on the same model. Measuring your carbon footprint is a great way of understanding the size of your environmental impact, specifically, how much greenhouse gas you are emitting from your daily activities or from your business. [...]

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CAfS Annual Report 2019-2020

We are delighted to announce that our annual report for the financial year of 2019-2020 is finished and now available to download from our website. As we've been adapting to the unique challenges of the most recent year, one of those challenges has been to look back beyond last March and continue the process of evaluating and celebrating our successes that were achieved. This report has details on our largest ever Green Build Festival as well as our Cold to Cosy Homes service which as since gone from strength to strength. Also included is the partnership with the Carbon [...]

Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership update

We are delighted by the interest in Zero Carbon Cumbria and the momentum that's building in support of the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2037.   The partnership brings together more than 70 organisations from the public, private and third sectors. Its work is led and inspired by our local communities and built around the voices of our young people.  New staff  Thanks to National Lottery funding, several of the partnership’s key staff are now in post including Tim Gale, Partnership Manager, based at Cumbria County Council; Karen Gardner, Communications Manager, based at CAfS; David Pickup, Carbon [...]

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Space to Connect grant to boost Ambleside’s community spaces

CAfS has been awarded a £7,300 grant from a partnership between Co-op’s charity, the Co-op Foundation, and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. We'll use the ‘Space to Connect’ funding to support Ambleside Action for a Future’s Incredible Edible Group to develop community conversations about how green spaces are used in their area. The grant will also help to develop the group’s skills and capacity to deliver sustainable use of green spaces in the future. It is one of 57 organisations across England to receive a grant from the £1.6 million partnership, designed to help communities tackle [...]

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Food businesses tuck into advice on changing diets

Cafes, restaurants and caterers tucked into expert advice and experience to help them prepare for the trend towards diets with less meat and dairy, at our sustainable food event in September, co-hosted with Eco-innovation Cumbria. A wide range of food businesses gathered at the National Trust's Sticklebarn Tavern in Langdale on Monday 23 September to hear how they could cater for changing food trends and make their businesses more sustainable in other ways, too - from reducing food waste to using renewable energy. We heard from carbon expert Mike Berners-Lee from Small World Consulting about the need to become [...]

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Food-growing plans for Alston Moor take root after drop-ins

A community orchard and a community farm have emerged as the tastiest options for food growing on Alston Moor, after residents shared their views at drop-ins organized by CAfS in April. The two sessions at Alston Town Hall attracted a constant flow of people who are keen to see opportunities for community food growing. The consultation was part of the Alston Moor Greenprint, run by CAfS and funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. “The consensus is that there’s real enthusiasm to get community growing projects up and running, as opposed to private allotments,” said Roe Baker, Greenprint manager. [...]

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On the road again for food study team

There are lots of different ways to grow food as a community, and some of them are being explored as part of the Alston Moor Greenprint, with a view to setting up community-led food growing in the area. Lynn Barnes from Vista Veg, who's leading on the research, has been out visiting interesting sites around the region, along with enthusiastic volunteers from the Alston area. The group headed to the south of Cumbria for their second day of visits, on 20 March 2019. Roe Baker, the Alston Moor Greenprint manager, tells us more... "Our first stop was at Growing [...]

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Alston Moor food group takes to the road

The team behind the feasibility study into community-led food growing on Alston Moor has been out on the road looking at some inspiring community food-growing sites and potential management models we could replicate. The Alston Moor Greenprint manager, Roe Baker from CAfS, tells us more... "A group of us visited Gibside Community Farm, Burnopfield, near Gateshead on 8 March, to look at a community-supported agriculture scheme on National Trust land. At the community farm, everyone who works takes a share of the crops produced. For just £52 a year or £1 a week you can take home a fresh [...]

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