Retrofit Made Easy

Our new home refurbishment project will help residents in four communities across the county to refurbish and upgrade their houses through free events, free thermal imaging surveys, one-to-one homeowner support and group expertise.

The benefit of this community model approach brings the experts to you and provides mutual support by sharing understanding and expertise.

Retrofit explained…

Retrofit is the introduction of new materials, products and technologies into an existing building to reduce the energy needed to live in your home. Put simply, after the original construction you upgrade the house to improve thermal performance and comfort.

Retrofitting your home improves temperatures and ventilation reducing stale, damp air and the related issues of mold, air-borne toxins and excessive moisture levels, which can all negatively affect people and property. It gives residents a healthier, more comfortable living environment which is beneficial for a variety of health issues from skin and respiratory problems, to arthritis, circulation problems and many other conditions exacerbated by cold and damp, including mental well-being. Your home becomes cheaper to heat and reduces its carbon footprint.

When carried out without the necessary understanding of the way buildings perform and how changes we make can affect that, retrofitting or renovation can cause unintended consequences. For this reason, we want to increase knowledge in this area, arm people with the right guidance and awareness and provide the support to help you get it right first time. Cumbria has some of the most challenging buildings and weather conditions in the UK which dictates the need for the right approach.

Make your house warmer and cheaper to heat with help from CAfS

This project will help you with your retrofit journey, with a programme of free in-person events in your area, and online webinars. Our team of volunteers can conduct a free thermal imaging survey to help show cold spots in your home – information you can use to inform your plans. CAfS’ home energy experts can then work with you to establish your options, advise with design and contracting. We can also assist with on-site support, evaluation and follow up. You won’t be alone in your retrofit journey – get to know each other at our events and stay in touch to swap tips and experiences. We’ll also arrange for your group to visit local homes to see real-life retrofits.

We’re working in…

  • Ambleside area

  • Greysouthen, Eaglesfield, Bridgefoot and Little Clifton, and the Melbreak area, centred around Lorton

  • Keswick & surrounding villages

  • Levens & Arnside area

This project…

  • Free events

  • Free thermal imaging surveys

  • Refurb and retrofit services

  • Peer-to-peer community support


This project is funded through the Energy Industry Voluntary Redress Scheme.

Free Events

Come along to our events in each community, one in autumn 23 and a follow up in new year 24.

We’ll explain retrofit principles, answer your questions, outline grants and funded retrofit programmes, and invite you to take advantage of the free thermal imaging surveys and CAfS retrofit services. There will also be an online webinar series in Nov 23 around specific retrofit topics.

Free Thermal Imaging

We’re training community volunteers to carry out a basic thermal survey with confidence, then lend them our cameras to do surveys in their local area.

A thermal imaging survey can help identify cold spots in your home for instance draughts, missing and defective insulation, water ingress and cold bridges. You can use this information to take action. Read how this has already been working in Ambleside.

Retrofit Services

We can offer a bespoke suite of services to support you with advice through the stages of your retrofit from fact finding to final delivery.

Through our Home Retrofit Planner, we assess your home and identify your options; and with our Bespoke Retrofit Plan, we’ll help you decide on the best options and plan the works. 

More help with home retrofit…

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