If you're thinking of a retrofit journey to renovate your home, CAfS offers a range of support services to guide you through it.

That could be upgrading the structure of your building (its fabric), its ventilation, the heating systems, or all three. We highly recommend going through the five stages from ideas and research, to design, implementation and quality checking at the end.  

1. Starting out 

2. Making a plan

3. Design & contracting

4. On site

5. Evaluation and handover

The first step is doing your research and gathering your ideas on what you want to achieve.

Next, consider the options that are right for your property and budget. You can then decide which options you’ll go for and plan the works. 

Next, you need to transform your retrofit plans into a clear set of requirements, so that you can procure contractors. 

This is the exciting but challenging phase when work gets under way. 

In this final but crucial stage you’ll need to ensure that the works have been completed as specified, to the right standard.   

How CAfS can help

Home Retrofit Planner – we assess your home and identify your options

Bespoke Retrofit Plan – we help you decide on the best options and plan the works 

How CAfS can help

  • Pre-design advice
  • Design stage advice
  • Contracting advice

How CAfS can help

We’re developing and trialling a new on-site support service in 2023.  

How CAfS can help

Watch this space during 2023 for our new service to support this phase. 

Embarking on a retrofit journey? Our experienced team of assessors will help you make well-informed decisions to avoid the common pitfalls and unintended consequences that often happen in a retrofit project.  

Whether you complete your retrofit in one go or take it step by step over a number of years, it’s a once in a generation opportunity to make your home fit for the future. You’re making a significant investment of time, energy and finances, so it’s important your works are executed well and give you the best possible result.  We can help you with this journey.  

CAfS offers free support to take you through the ideas stage. Our paid-for services begin with our home energy audit – the Home Retrofit Planner (HRP). Our HRP considers the property and its unique characteristics, your ideas, intentions and budget. It details the starting point and the range of options available.  

These options can be discussed with your assessor so that you can make the key decisions on the works you’ll do. This is the ‘scope of works’ process. You’ll receive a Bespoke Retrofit Plan (formerly Scope of Works) report, which identifies and summarises your preferred list of measures. It will inform anyone involved in your retrofit.   

These steps lay the foundations for your retrofit journey. They ensure decisions are based on a detailed energy model, followed by advice from specialists where required.  

Our new design and contracting support service is currently being trialled by clients who have already received their Home Retrofit Planner and Bespoke Retrofit Plan reports. In 2023, we’ll be developing further services to help homeowners through the on-site works and handover phases.