If you’re thinking of a retrofit journey to renovate your home, CAfS offers a range of support services to guide you through it.

That could be upgrading the structure of your building (its fabric), its ventilation, the heating systems, or all three. We highly recommend going through the five stages from ideas and research, to design, implementation and quality checking at the end.

I’m just starting out

CAfS can provide you with a range of free advice and specialist guides to help you start your retrofit journey

I’m ready to start planning

Our Home Retrofit Planner service will identify suitable options for your home and enable you to start planning the works

What steps are involved in the retrofit journey?

Starting out

The first step is doing your research and gathering your ideas on what you want to achieve.

Making a plan

Next, consider the options that are right for your property and budgetYou can then decide which options you’ll go for and plan the works.

Design and contracting

Next, you need to transform your retrofit plans into a clear set of requirements, so that you can procure contractors. 

On site

This is the exciting but challenging phase when work gets under way.

Evaluation and handover

In this final but crucial stage you’ll need to ensure that the works have been completed as specified, to the right standard.

Icons showing the retrofit journey

Ready to start your retrofit journey?

Check out our collection of free webinars, guides and videos to get inspiration and ideas for your home retrofit.

Take the next step with our Home Retrofit Planner – a comprehensive audit for your home

If you’re ready to take the next step, CAfS’ expert team can help you plan your retrofit project by profiling the energy performance of your home and identifying costed improvements.

We model the current heat loss and carbon footprint of your home and how they could improve with a range of retrofit options.

With prices starting at £680 ex VAT, Home Retrofit Planner can provide you with guidance and detailed information to help create a whole-house retrofit plan, which is focused on your property, your objectives, your lifestyle, your choices and your budget.

Please contact us for a free, no-obligation phone call, and we’ll be able to give you a quotation when we know a bit more about your home.