Home Retrofit Planner – a comprehensive energy audit for your home

Our comprehensive Home Retrofit Planner can help you improve the energy performance of your home, so you’ll feel warmer, reduce carbon and cut your heating costs.

Planning your retrofit 

CAfS’ experienced expert team can help you plan your retrofit project by profiling the energy performance of your home and identifying costed improvements. 

We model the current heat loss and carbon footprint of your home and how they could improve with a range of retrofit options. 

Our Home Retrofit Planner is different to many home assessments, such as Energy Performance Certificates, because it considers a wide range of factors, not solely energy and carbon emissions. Home Retrofit Planner considers your motivations for retrofit and your priorities and preferences, as well as factors like comfort, health and indoor air quality. 

How does Home Retrofit Planner work? 

1. Free quotation call– We start by finding out your objectives and priorities. We can review any past energy bills you have available, an Energy Performance Certificate if there’s one for the property, any construction drawings you might have, plus planning and building approvals or certificates. 

2. Consultation appointment – This is usually a conference call to find out about what you want to achieve for your home energy performance. Our assessor will factor in: 

  • Your objectives
  • Your priorities
  • Your preferences and perceptions. 
  • Your future plans 
  • Your timescales and budget 

3. Building assessment – Our assessor will perform a visual inspection of your property’s condition and conduct a survey, to measure the building’s parameters and record details of existing insulation, heating, cooling, extractors and more, including photographs (and thermal imaging camera if possible) to help with our assessment. 

4. Energy modelling – Our team creates an energy model of your home as it is now. We’ll use this to develop three potential retrofit scenarios based on low, medium and high intervention measures. 

5. Report – The outcome is a comprehensive Home Retrofit Planner report outlining the findings of the assessment. We’ll also include three costed retrofit scenarios plus approximate performance outcomes. Recommendations will range from ‘quick wins’ to deep retrofit measures and they will include likely time scales. 

6. Consultation – We’ll arrange a follow up 30-minute consultation with you to outline recommendations and to answer any questions you have about the report and recommendations. 

With prices starting at £630 ex VAT, Home Retrofit Planner can provide you with guidance and detailed information to help create a whole-house retrofit plan, which is focused on your property, your objectives, your lifestyle, your choices and your budget. 

Please contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion, and we’ll be able to give you a quotation when we know a bit more about your home.