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The green road to recovery – Message from our CEO

It has been 10 weeks since we were last in touch. I hope you and yours have stayed safe and well during this challenging time. In the last few months, we have experienced changes to our lives that we probably never thought possible. Sadly, the pandemic has highlighted that, as with the impacts of climate change, the disadvantaged are the most badly affected – from the keyworkers at risk of illness to people in fuel poverty hit by higher energy bills from staying at home. It has also highlighted the link between fossil fuels, air pollution and public health. [...]

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Whitehaven coal mine – what’s happened so far & next steps

Efforts to prevent a new coal mine in Cumbria suffered a blow in November after the Secretary of State decided not to ‘call in’ the county council’s decision to approve the mine. We asked one of the campaigners against the mine to share an overview of what’s happened so far, and what the next steps might be in the battle to prevent it. Our thanks to Maggie Mason for contributing this guest post for us and sharing her unique insight, as a retired minerals planner at Cumbria County Council. CAfS strongly supports the views of campaigners that the new [...]

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General election 2019 – Ask your candidates the hard questions

We go to the polls on Thursday 12 December 2019 to elect new MPs for Cumbria and a new government for our country. Will it be a government that will take the transformational actions needed to cut the UK’s carbon emissions in time to halt damaging climate change? That’s up to us as voters. Climate science demands that every country reaches zero carbon by 2030. The next government is crucial - by the time another general election comes around, it will be too late to put in place the range of actions the science demands. This is our chance [...]

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Climate emergency action summit helps forge next steps

Councillors, council officers and community groups came together on Saturday 22 September to pick up lots of practical information about next steps after a climate emergency has been declared. The Cumbria Climate Emergency Action Summit, organised by CAfS and sponsored by Ecology Building Society, was designed specifically for everyone grappling with what to actually do after declaring a climate emergency – what actions to take, whether to set up a citizens’ assembly, how to engage the public, what partners to involve. The event aimed to answer those questions, drawing from the experience and knowledge of experts and those who’ve [...]

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CAfS supports global climate strike

Cumbrians took part in global climate strikes on Friday 20 September, joining with people from around the world calling for urgent action on climate change. Rallies were held in Carlisle, Penrith, Ulverston, Kendal, Keswick, and Cockermouth. Cumbrian businesses and organisations supported the strikes in large numbers. Ellergreen Hydro, RSPB and 2030 Architects were among those giving staff time off to support and speak at the strikes. “Young people’s future is in our hands,” said Tracey Hart, associate director at 2030 architects in Penrith, and a trustee of CAfS. “What we do today will shape their tomorrow. We believe architects [...]

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Government announces plan to reach ‘almost’ net zero by 2050

We welcome the Government's announcement today of a new plan to cut UK emissions to 'almost zero' by 2050 - but the climate science calls for much greater urgency. This is a wonderful sign that there is political will to move in the right direction, compared to the Government's previous 80% target by 2050, but the Government must go much further must faster. Particularly in light of the UK's historic contribution to global emissions, CAfS agrees with calls for the UK to reach net zero by 2030. The UN's report by the IPCC last October was very clear - [...]

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Elections change Cumbria’s political landscape

The council elections in May have changed the local political landscape in Cumbria, and CAfS is watching with interest to see what this might mean for efforts to tackle the climate crisis. Following the elections, three of the six district-level councils in Cumbria now have no overall control by one party: Carlisle (previously Labour-led), Eden (previously Conservative-led) and Allerdale (previously Labour was the largest party). South Lakeland remains under Liberal Democrat control, while Barrow and Copeland remain Labour-led. Independents and Green Party candidates faired well. Four Green councillors were elected in Cumbria – the first at district level (two [...]

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CAfS to host youth climate question time for 20th anniversary

Children and young people from across Cumbria will have the chance to tell people in positions of power what they think about climate change, and ask them what they are doing to solve it. CAfS is holding a climate question time event in Penrith on Friday 5 July, where a panel of politicians (including MPs), an activist and a climate expert will answer questions submitted in advance by young people from across Cumbria. The questions will be put to them at the event by an interview panel of young people representing the voice of children across the county. The [...]

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CAfS welcomes UK climate emergency

There have been two really important developments in tackling climate change this week. No 1: Parliament has backed a motion by the Labour Party to declare a climate emergency in the UK. It also "calls on the government to aim to achieve net-zero emissions before 2050 and for ministers to outline urgent proposals to restore the UK's natural environment and deliver a "zero waste economy" within the next six months." Read more > No 2: The UK's Committee on Climate Change (which advises the govt) has said it would be possible for the UK to cut carbon emissions to [...]

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