Great Big Green Week

Great Big Green Week is a nationwide celebration of action on climate change, taking place across the UK from 18 - 26 September.    The aim is to collectively celebrate all the positive grassroots actions being taken to tackle climate change and protect green spaces, and encourage others to get involved too.  Great Big Green Week also calls on politicians to raise their ambition and champion action on climate change, ahead of November’s crucial COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow.  CAfS has been supporting environmental groups across Cumbria, who are planning a series of exciting Great Big Green Week events here in their local communities. [...]

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Climate training available for all County Council staff and Members

CAfS are delighted to be working in partnership with Cumbria County Council to deliver climate and carbon literacy training to 550 of their staff and elected members. All elected representatives, senior managers and extended leadership team are able to book a place on either a full day, accredited climate and carbon literacy training course, a 90 minute ‘Climate Science and Solutions for Cumbria’ overview or a 30 minute climate coffee break chat. Places are also available for any interested staff across the organisation. The uptake so far has been fantastic with an inspiring number of council staff eager to [...]

Growing the sustainability network

On June 22nd representatives from the Cumbria Sustainability Network came together for a virtual discussion on how to take their work forward and build a strong community of groups and individuals working across the county to raise awareness of the climate emergency and to take practical action to reduce carbon emissions in their area. Resources are available to support the development of the Cumbria Sustainability Network as part of National Lottery investment in the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership.  The Network is an informal group of community-based organisations whose mission is to promote environmental sustainability.  Members include Ambleside Action for [...]

Announcing Great Big Green week!

Ahead of November’s crucial COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, communities across the UK will join together for the Great Big Green Week, organised by The Climate Coalition. The festival takes place during 18th – 26th September, and aims to be the largest event for climate and nature ever seen in the UK. Everyone’s invited!    COP26 has already been delayed by a year due to the pandemic. It’s being billed as a pivotal moment in the fight against runaway climate change, at the start of what is a critical decade for our planet.   The run-up to this year’s summit is the key period when countries update their [...]

Great feedback from our carbon calculator users

Lots of individuals and businesses have now had a go with our carbon footprint calculators and some have fed back to tell us about their experience. Which is incredibly helpful! Happily, the vast majority feel that it was definitely a worthwhile experience, which has helped improve their understanding of their environmental impact and focus their efforts to reduce it. Here are some of the comments received. “I was impressed with the tool, having looked at a number of other, much more gimmicky tools which claim to do the same thing, didn't in my view ask all the right questions… [...]

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Donate today and your money will be doubled!

We're very excited here at CAfS to announce that we have been lucky enough to be chosen as one of 100 environmental charities that will take part in The Big Give's Green Match Fund! This means that for every donation that we receive this week  (22-29 April), the money will be doubled by our benefactor The Oglesby Charitable Trust. DONATE NOW Our donations page is now live and our generous supporters can make one donation with twice the impact! This is our Race To Zero campaign as the money will go towards boosting our ability to reach [...]

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The green road to recovery – Message from our CEO

It has been 10 weeks since we were last in touch. I hope you and yours have stayed safe and well during this challenging time. In the last few months, we have experienced changes to our lives that we probably never thought possible. Sadly, the pandemic has highlighted that, as with the impacts of climate change, the disadvantaged are the most badly affected – from the keyworkers at risk of illness to people in fuel poverty hit by higher energy bills from staying at home. It has also highlighted the link between fossil fuels, air pollution and public health. [...]

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Whitehaven coal mine – what’s happened so far & next steps

Efforts to prevent a new coal mine in Cumbria suffered a blow in November after the Secretary of State decided not to ‘call in’ the county council’s decision to approve the mine. We asked one of the campaigners against the mine to share an overview of what’s happened so far, and what the next steps might be in the battle to prevent it. Our thanks to Maggie Mason for contributing this guest post for us and sharing her unique insight, as a retired minerals planner at Cumbria County Council. CAfS strongly supports the views of campaigners that the new [...]

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General election 2019 – Ask your candidates the hard questions

We go to the polls on Thursday 12 December 2019 to elect new MPs for Cumbria and a new government for our country. Will it be a government that will take the transformational actions needed to cut the UK’s carbon emissions in time to halt damaging climate change? That’s up to us as voters. Climate science demands that every country reaches zero carbon by 2030. The next government is crucial - by the time another general election comes around, it will be too late to put in place the range of actions the science demands. This is our chance [...]

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Climate emergency action summit helps forge next steps

Councillors, council officers and community groups came together on Saturday 22 September to pick up lots of practical information about next steps after a climate emergency has been declared. The Cumbria Climate Emergency Action Summit, organised by CAfS and sponsored by Ecology Building Society, was designed specifically for everyone grappling with what to actually do after declaring a climate emergency – what actions to take, whether to set up a citizens’ assembly, how to engage the public, what partners to involve. The event aimed to answer those questions, drawing from the experience and knowledge of experts and those who’ve [...]

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