Children and young people from across Cumbria will have the chance to tell people in positions of power what they think about climate change, and ask them what they are doing to solve it.

CAfS is holding a climate question time event in Penrith on Friday 5 July, where a panel of politicians (including MPs), an activist and a climate expert will answer questions submitted in advance by young people from across Cumbria. The questions will be put to them at the event by an interview panel of young people representing the voice of children across the county.

The event is also open to the general public and has been organised after children at Cumbria’s first youth summit on climate change in April said they wanted more opportunities to speak to, question and influence people in positions of power.

Submit a question

Anyone under the age of 18 can send in a question for the panel. Schools are welcome to coordinate and submit questions for their students. If you are under 18 and would like to submit a question directly to us, please ask your parents to email it directly to us. Please email questions to [email protected], by Tuesday 18 June.

The interview panel of young people will choose the questions to ask on the day.

Tips for questions

Include a short statement and a question. Here’s an example:

We know we need to get carbon emissions to zero by 2030. I am worried that the government is not acting fast enough. Why don’t we make it the law to reduce emissions to zero by 2030?

Attend the event

The event is open to students, teachers and the general public.

As it’s during school hours, we invite teachers to attend with a small group of students. If you’re a young person, please tell your teachers about the event and ask if a group from your school can come along.

There are just 100 tickets available, with half reserved for young people. We suggest booking quickly!

This unique event is part of our celebrations marking our 20th year.

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