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Energy events for January

Two free online events will welcome many Cumbrians into the new year with the chance to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses. The two webinars are being hosted by Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) in partnership with South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) but are open to anyone who feels that they could benefit from the advice on offer. The first of the two events, Heat pumps for homeowners is taking place on 19 January at 6:30pm and is focused on the user experience of domestic heat pumps. A heat pump is a device that transfers heat [...]

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Two new EV chargepoints go live in Cumbria

This month marked the completion of two more installations of electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints which are now live and fully operational. Just in time for Cumbria to drop down into Tier 2 as well. Don’t ever say we don’t time things well. The first is our collaboration with Dalston Parish council for a chargepoint and lighting installation in the Kingsway car park near the village centre. The site consists of two charging sockets along with a lamppost to make sure that night-time travellers can find it quickly and easily. Not bad for partnership in which no money changed hands. [...]

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Whitehaven coal mine – what’s happened so far & next steps

Efforts to prevent a new coal mine in Cumbria suffered a blow in November after the Secretary of State decided not to ‘call in’ the county council’s decision to approve the mine. We asked one of the campaigners against the mine to share an overview of what’s happened so far, and what the next steps might be in the battle to prevent it. Our thanks to Maggie Mason for contributing this guest post for us and sharing her unique insight, as a retired minerals planner at Cumbria County Council. CAfS strongly supports the views of campaigners that the new [...]

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