Series of free online courses on home renovations launched

If you're thinking about renovating your home to make it warmer and reduce your energy bills, snap up a free place on our new series of online courses.   We'll take you through all the main things to consider - from planning your retrofit through to insulation, airtightness and ventilation. There are even sessions all about windows and doors.   You can book onto one course or the whole series - whatever you need. We're able to offer the courses free of charge thanks to funding from the Energy Industry Voluntary Redress Scheme.   Introduction We kick off with [...]

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Big Energy Saving Week celebrates our partnership

This week (17 – 23 Jan) is Big Energy Saving Week and  one of our key partnerships is being celebrated for all it does to help residents keep hold of their cash during Winter. Cold to Cosy Homes is our large scale project that offers free independent energy advice and energy saving measures to vulnerable households. It has now offered advice and measures like draughtproofing to hundreds of households throughout the region, saving locals huge amounts of energy and money. Working in partnership with local authorities, this year the project has extended its reach to the entire county. Homelife Carlisle [...]

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Cold to Cosy wins award

A huge congratulations to our Cold to Cosy Homes team who came home with something for the trophy cabinet from the North West Energy Efficiency Awards. They won for their efforts in vulnerable customer support and the whole team is thrilled that their hard work has been recognised in this way. Andrew, Gareth, Tina, Rick, Kim, Jenny, Laura, Laura, Vibeke and Jo have all earned the award through their tireless work in supporting disadvantaged Cumbrians to navigate the complex subject of energy efficiency, managing their usage and bills and making sure homes remain warm over harsh winters. Thanks to [...]

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Ask us about new grants for heat pumps

The newly announced government grant of up to £5000 to help householders replace an old boiler with a heat pump is already generating a lot of interest. And the CAfS team are ready to answer your questions. With a grant of £5000, if you can install an air source heat pump for £7000 then there’s just £2000 to pay, to swap out your old gas boiler and replace it with a heat pump - right? For some households, it could be that easy. But, even in these cases, there are some important differences between an oil or gas boiler and a heat pump. [...]

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Free retrofit advice consultations now available

As autumn progresses, many of us think about ways to make our homes warmer, more comfortable and cheaper to heat. And this year, we might also be thinking about better levels of controlled ventilation.  If you are wondering whether your home needs more insulation, improved ventilation and windows, or a new heating system, it is good to know you’re making the best use of your money to achieve your specific priorities.  Thanks to funding from Energy Redress, CAfS is able to offer home owners in Cumbria a free telephone consultation to answer your questions about retrofitting your own home.  All you need to do [...]

Cold to Cosy offers lifeline amidst rise in gas prices

Cumbrians will see their gas and electricity bills soar with the recent rises in gas prices. CAfS can help households cut their bills with their free Cold to Cosy Homes Cumbria service.  Our friendly team of experienced energy saving experts can help householders reduce the amount of gas and electricity they use and keep their homes warm and comfortable.  This service is expected to be in high demand this winter as more and more residents find themselves struggling to cope with higher energy prices.  Gareth Field, who manages the Cold to Cosy Homes Cumbria service, said: ‘Unfortunately, people’s energy bills are going to rise. It’s a result of [...]

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Smart Meter: FAQs

How do smart meters work? The in-home display Switching supplier, tariffs and bills About the rollout Safety and security How to get a smart meter Your energy supplier will be able to provide further information on smart meters, including the accessible in-home display. Check your gas or electricity bill for your supplier’s contact details. Need more information about smart meters? Visit: Please note: Eligibility of smart meters and accessible in-home displays may vary. Consumer action is required to obtain cost savings [...]

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Research to find good businesses who do retrofit work in Cumbria

Over the last year, a growing number of householders across Cumbria have taken up our paid energy advice service and report: the “Home Retrofit Planner”. In order to help householders onward through the retrofit process, we are now collecting information on the building and retrofit industry in Cumbria.  If you’ve had work done to your home to make it more energy efficient, we would love to hear about your experiences of the suppliers and trades you used.   We will use your feedback to help us identify companies that might wish to join our network of suppliers involved in retrofit [...]

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Great feedback from our carbon calculator users

Lots of individuals and businesses have now had a go with our carbon footprint calculators and some have fed back to tell us about their experience. Which is incredibly helpful! Happily, the vast majority feel that it was definitely a worthwhile experience, which has helped improve their understanding of their environmental impact and focus their efforts to reduce it. Here are some of the comments received. “I was impressed with the tool, having looked at a number of other, much more gimmicky tools which claim to do the same thing, didn't in my view ask all the right questions… [...]

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Energy services to expand across Cumbria

We are delighted to announce that our home energy team has secured more funding from the Energy Saving Trust as part of round 10 of the Energy Redress funding. What this means in practise is that two of our projects, Cold to Cosy Homes and Retrofit for Cumbria, will be expanding their scope to serve more people in the county in improving energy efficiency. First of all, Cold to Cosy Homes will be taking on some new staff and extending the services it offers to parts of Cumbria that the popular service has yet to extensively reach. This means: [...]

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