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CAfS Gift Card: Support Gen Zero

By purchasing this gift card, you will support youth projects across Cumbria. It makes the perfect gift for anyone who is passionate about tackling climate change and empowering the next generation to shape our future.

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Hannah’s story

Hannah is a young climate activist living in Cumbria. Hannah took part in our annual youth climate summit

Hannah was one of a group of delegates who delivered the summit’s recommendations on ways to act on climate change in Cumbria, to local councillors and MPs. CAfS supports young people like Hannah who are passionate about creating a zero carbon Cumbria.

CAfS have shown me that to be leaders and to create positive change for the climate, we need to lead by example, take responsibility and serve others.”

Hannah, young climate activist in Cumbria

How your gift helps

CAfS’ youth programme helps young people to make their voices and ideas count in the climate debate. According to a 2021 survey, 65% of young people in the UK feel the government is failing them on climate change and 72% feel the future is frightening. CAfS holds an annual youth climate summit for schools across the county; has set-up a Youth Practitioners’ Forum to help organisations that work with young people to better support them on climate; and runs a Youth Climate Panel who feed into local policy and decision making. We are determined to make sure young people in Cumbria feel their voices matter and can make a difference.

Your donation supports our work towards a zero carbon Cumbria. The case study outlined in this gift card is an example of the type of project your donation will support, but we will direct your gift to where it is most needed. Rest assured that all of the money you donate will be used to support climate action in Cumbria.

e-Gift Card: Support Gen Zero
e-Gift Card: Support Gen Zero

After purchasing, we will send you a link for the e-gift card. You can then send this on to the recipient of the gift with a personalised message.

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