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CAfS Gift Card: On the Road to Zero Carbon

By purchasing this gift card, you will support climate action projects across the county. It makes the perfect ethical gift for anyone who is passionate about tackling climate change and reaching the goal of a zero carbon Cumbria.

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Chris’s story

Cumbria has already experienced the devastating impact of extreme weather events. Severe flooding and drought are just two effects of a warming climate

We need to act now to help Cumbrians transition to a more climate-friendly way of life and safeguard our homes, communities and businesses for future generations. Chris is a member of Ambleside Action for a Future, a local sustainability group that works closely with CAfS:

This is a climate emergency. We need real change and we need it very, very quickly… There’s no doubt that CAfS’ involvement in our community is an example of how their work can benefit us across the county.”

Chris, Ambleside Action for a Future

How your gift helps

CAfS’ vision is a zero carbon Cumbria which is socially, environmentally, and economically beneficial for all. We coordinate the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership which brings together 80+ organisations and influential individuals across Cumbria to work on a programme of action and policy change to drive down Cumbria’s emissions. Members include community groups, local authorities, the NHS, police, national parks, NGOs, utility companies, businesses and the farming community, amongst others. The partnership has set a target date for net zero of 2037 at the latest. We know our target is ambitious, but we also know we can and must achieve it.

Your donation supports our work towards a zero carbon Cumbria. The case study outlined in this gift card is an example of the type of project your donation will support, but we will direct your gift to where it is most needed. Rest assured that all of the money you donate will be used to support climate action in Cumbria.

e-Gift Card: On the Road to Zero Carbon
e-Gift Card: On the Road to Zero Carbon

After purchasing, we will send you a link for the e-gift card. You can then send this on to the recipient of the gift with a personalised message.

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