A grant fund of  £100,000 has been made available for people to make energy-efficiency changes to their community buildings of heritage value.

CAfS is administering the Heritage Community Buildings Fund, and grants are available for groups and organisations who are involved in community heritage buildings projects that benefit the sustainability and well-being of Fellfoot Forward communities.

The grant funding is available for projects that hope to make improvements to the fabric of these community buildings that reduce the amount of energy the building wastes. This could include, but is not exclusive to; roof, floor or wall insulation, heat pumps, double glazing, LED replacement lighting systems, traditional lime plaster, water saving devices, and solar PV installation.

Up to 60% of total costs can be applied for. The minimum match funding is 40%, which can be made up of cash contributions from fundraising etc. and up to 10% can be as volunteer time calculated at £50 per day.

The £100,000 total expenditure has been budgeted for four years. It is anticipated that most activity will be in years 2-3, and projects must be completed by the end of 2024.

Applications will be assessed by the Heritage Community Buildings Grants Manager and the Fellfoot Forward Advisory Board.

The Fellfoot Forward Landscape Partnership Scheme can support communities to change their community buildings to become low carbon and sustainable, and to focus on opportunities to retrofit and renovate, utilising renewable energy, choosing natural materials, and nurturing an ethos of reduce, reuse, repair and recycle.

Please get in touch if you are planning renovations and improvements to a community building and would like support.

Email [email protected] to check eligibility and discuss potential projects.