Alston Moor's getting a fix thanks to repair cafes through the Greenprint project.

Reducing waste is at the heart of a sustainable community, and that’s what these fun, social events are all about.

CAfS is running four repair cafes across Alston Moor, hopefully laying the groundwork for them to continue into the future.

We’re organising them on behalf of Alston Moor Partnership, made possible by funding from Cumbria County Council and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

What is a repair cafe?

A volunteer fixing a vacuum cleaner at a repair cafeIt’s an event where you bring along broken things, and volunteers from your community do their best to fix them for you.

They’ll also show you how to do the repair, so you can gain new skills and perhaps be able to fix your broken items in the future.

The repairs are free of charge. Donations are welcome, to help cover costs like venue hire.

It’s also a social event, as the name suggests. It’s a chance to have a cuppa and a cake and meet people from your area.

About the Alston Moor Repair Cafe

Volunteer Chris Cant fixing a toaster at Alston Moor Repair Cafe 23 Sept 2017 by CAfSWe held the first Alston Moor Repair Cafe during the Greenprint Festival in September 2017, as a trial.

It worked really well, so we got busy planning a series of four events across the area during 2018 and 2019.

Cafes so far:

  • Sat 7 Jul 2018, Samuel Kings School, Alston
  • Sun 23 Sep 2018, Nenthead

Next cafe:

  • Sun 28 Apr 2019, 10am-1pm, part of Nenthead Big Breakfast

Volunteers have been fixing everything from holes in sweaters to vacuums that have given up the ghost. They’re able to look at electricals, textiles, electronics, IT and software, plumbing and mechanical goods, among other things.

“We’ve all got things languishing in the back of the cupboard or lying in the garage that need a repair, but sometimes it can be tricky to find someone to fix them and it can be costly, too,” said Roe Baker, the Alston Moor Greenprint manager at CAfS, who’s organising the events.

“That’s why repair cafés are becoming so popular around the country, as well as here in Cumbria. They’re such a fantastic way to keep things from being thrown out when they have a lot of life left in them.”

We’re very grateful to all the volunteers who’ve come forward to help, and we’d still love to hear from anyone who’s got the skills to fix things, as we’re building up a pool of volunteers.

From the Repair Cafe on Sat 7 July 2018…

Volunteer repairers
Items brought in
Items repaired

“Great idea – weekly event please!”
“Really pleased to have this opportunity”
“Great service! Good to know that it can’t be repaired, and good care!”

Repair cafe visitors