Public Courses

Do you want to make a difference in your life, at work, and in your community? With the help of our experienced trainers, you can.

If you find yourself asking questions like “what is causing climate change?” and “what can I do to make a difference?” then our public Climate and Carbon Literacy training courses can help. 

Course Options

We currently offer two types of training sessions:

“It gave me real knowledge I could use, it felt very relevant and it made me really keen to get going.”
Course attendee
“I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Those two things don’t go together often.”
Course attendee
“The trainer really knew her stuff and was so engaging.”
Course attendee

How do I know which course is right for me?

When looking at the different course options available, please keep in mind what you’re hoping to achieve through the training.

If you don’t have a lot of time available but want to get the important facts about climate change and develop your confidence in speaking about it, we would recommend the two-hour course.

However, we believe that the full-day course is the best way to get to grips with complex climate science and how to talk about it in an empowering way with other people. This course will help you make a positive difference in your community.

Our courses are delivered by expert trainers from Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS). Our certified carbon literacy trainers bring decades of practical emission-reduction expertise, in-depth knowledge of the local area as well as significant training experience.

When you finish your course, you will be asked to pledge significant emission reduction action in order to become certified carbon literate. The pledges will be assessed by the Carbon Literacy Project in order for you to receive your Carbon Literacy Award.

Full-day accredited course

This is our most comprehensive course, which we typically run online over two half days, or in-person over one full day.

What you’ll learn

Our accredited course will provide you with clear and practical advice on how we can all achieve change in our lives and influence the wider change we want to see. It covers the science of climate change, causes, impacts and solutions. You will learn about the current situation at a global, national, and local scale as well as what actions are being taken locally to reduce carbon emissions.

Course outcomes

You will walk away from our full-day course with an understanding of the climate emergency, how soon we need to act, the scale of that action, and what part individuals and organisations in Cumbria can play in the bigger picture.

You will be more confident in your knowledge and better able to share what you have learnt with others, to inspire change within your community. You will also have the ability to develop your own action plans and to develop training sessions for others.

Most importantly, you will leave feeling inspired, aware of the scale of the challenge, positive about the effect you can have within your home, community or workplace.

Climate science and solutions for Cumbria (2 hours)

This interactive workshop is a more time-efficient option to help your team get the facts about climate change that will help them build their confidence in their ability to explain it to others and take action.

What you’ll learn

This inspiring short session will give you an overview of the science of climate change, causes, global and local impacts, and solutions. It will present you with a clear framework for understanding the climate crisis, how soon we need to act, the scale of that action, and what actions are being taken locally to reduce carbon emissions.

Course outcomes

You will leave this session with a greater understanding of the climate crisis and the science of climate change, the ability to talk about what needs to be done, and a more positive outlook on how you can be part of the solution.

To book a place on our next course, please see our events page or contact [email protected] to go on our waiting list.

Ticket prices

Full day accredited course

£79 individuals,
£139 delegates from organisations.

Please note the organisation fee level is per delegate, not per organisation.

2 hour course

£29 individuals,
£49 delegate from organisations.

Please note the organisation fee level is per delegate, not per organisation.


If you can afford to pay the full ticket price and are able to donate extra, this will help subsidise places for those who cannot afford them. Thank you for your support.

Group courses

If you’d like to send several people on the course, or focus on a particular area, sector or workplace, we can develop and deliver in-house training for your community, organisation or sector. Find out more about our Bespoke Courses.

Pay what you can

In addition to the tickets for individuals and organisations, there is an option to pay what you can afford (available for individuals who live or work in Cumbria only). We do not wish anyone to be disadvantaged from accessing this training due to their current financial circumstances.

“I would thoroughly recommend this course. It renewed my energy to do something meaningful.”

Course attendee