“I just attended the Climate and Carbon Literacy training and I wanted to share how good it was. Not only for work, but for your own and family knowledge.”
Carbon Literacy Client

Bespoke Courses

Are you ready to look ahead to the future and make difference in Cumbria?

We can deliver our Climate and Carbon Literacy training within your organisation, community or sector, tailored to your needs, helping your delegates to understand their role and the actions they could take in working towards a zero carbon Cumbria.

If you want your organisation to pave the way in Cumbria for a sustainable future, this course is for you.

Course Options

We currently offer three types of training sessions:

How do I know which course is right for me?

When looking at the different course options available, please keep in mind your budget and what you’re hoping to achieve through the training. However, we always advise having a 30-minute chat with our training manager to discuss how to get the most impact from your budget.

We can also create other options for you that work for any type or size audience and in a way that meets your objectives. This could be an inspiring one-hour session for hundreds of staff at a conference, or a more focused session for a senior management team or board of directors. To discuss your training needs, please contact our training manager Hazel Graham: [email protected].

Accredited Climate and Carbon Literacy Training (7 Hours)

This is our most comprehensive course, which we typically run online over two half days, or in-person over one full day.

Whether your organisation is only just getting started on your climate action plan or if your plan to be net zero has been in motion for years, our engaging accredited course will help to motivate your team and group members to truly transform your approach to climate change.

Tailored for your needs

We can adapt our standard course materials to focus specifically on your sector, your organisation or community – the impact it has on the climate and how to make a positive change

We have extensive experience in tailoring our courses for specific sectors such as local authorities, parish councils, the hospitality industry and the education sector.

What you’ll learn

Our experienced trainers will take your team through the science of climate change, causes, impacts and solutions. The course will also cover the global, UK and Cumbrian pictures, as well as the actions being taken locally to reduce carbon emissions.

It presents delegates with a clear framework for understanding the climate crisis, how soon we need to act, the scale of that action, and your organisation’s part in that bigger picture.

Course outcomes

After attending our accredited Climate and Carbon Literacy course, your delegates will walk away with a greater knowledge of current policy and practice, the ability to articulate complex climate science and what we can do, and a basic understanding of carbon budgeting.

It is an informative training course that will give your organisation the practical skills to make a real difference in Cumbria.

Delegates will leave this interactive course with the ability to develop action plans for your organisation. Once certified as Carbon Literate, they will be able to develop their own training sessions to share what they have learned.

At the end of this course, delegates will be asked to pledge significant emission reduction action. The pledges will be assessed by the Carbon Literacy Project before you’re awarded the Carbon Literacy Award.

After training, your organisation will be able to apply for Carbon Literate Organisation status via the Carbon Literacy Trust. Through building learning across your workforce, your business or group can progress through the Trust’s levels from bronze to platinum.

Climate science and solutions for Cumbria (2 hours)

This interactive workshop is a more time-efficient option to help your team get the facts about climate change that will help them build their confidence in their ability to explain it to others and take action.

What they’ll learn

This inspiring short session will give your delegates an overview of the science of climate change, causes, global and local impacts, and solutions. It will present your team with a clear framework for understanding the climate crisis, how soon we need to act, the scale of that action, and what actions are being taken locally to reduce carbon emissions.

Course outcomes

Delegates will leave this session with a greater understanding of the climate crisis and the science of climate change, the ability to articulate what needs to be done, and a more positive outlook on how they can be part of the solution.

Climate coffee break chat (30 minutes)

This is our shortest session that gives your delegates the opportunity for an informal chat about the climate crisis and how they can take action. They are invited to bring along their burning questions, their ideas, the issues they want to understand, and any climate challenges that they want to overcome at home or at work.

Course outcomes

Your delegates will leave this session with answers to their climate change queries, a platform to launch a wider conversation around the climate crisis within your organisation, and confidence in their climate knowledge.

“The course sets out why action on climate change is needed now and what we can do as individuals and businesses to make a difference”

Andrew Seekings, Chief Executive, Allerdale Borough Council

“The training delivered by Cumbria Action for Sustainability was great as it was tailored to our organisation, helping us understand how to take responsibility within our roles to promote sustainability. We can’t emphasize enough how good the training has been.”

Les Clark, Deputy Chief Executive, Eden District Council

“The training has really worked and is getting some real traction.”

Tim Gale, Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership Manager, Cumbria County Council


How many delegates can attend a training session?

We find that 7-15 attendees per session work best, as all our course options are interactive and focus on building knowledge and confidence, as well as developing the ability to discuss the topic. We prioritise quality over quantity and prefer not to exceed 15 delegates online. We will not deliver to groups of over 12 face-to-face due to our current Covid risk assessments.

What precautions are in place for Covid-19?

If your organisation requires an on-site course we will perform a full Covid-19 health and safety check in line with current Government guidelines, and our own covid risk assessments before we proceed with a course. Many organisations are benefitting from our discount for online delivery (as we pass the cost savings on to you as the client), but if face-to-face delivery is required, we require a large, well-ventilated room, where delegates are able to socially distance.


Our standard course prices are below, but we are happy to quote for any other course length that best meets your needs:

Full-day accredited Climate and Carbon Literacy course

Prices from £1,339 per session for up to 15 people – from £89 per person.

Two-hour course

Prices from £467 per session for up to 15 people – from £31 per person.

30-minute coffee break session

Prices from £194 per session for up to 15 people – from £13 person.

*CAfS is VAT registered but our training services are VAT exempt.

* Prices for the accredited course include accreditation and certification fees.

Enquire now

If you’d like to discuss a bespoke course, please email: [email protected].

We’ll send you an information pack and we always advise having a 30-minute chat with our training manager to discuss how to maximise the impact from your budget.

Try out a course

If you think that this training might be right for you but would like to try it out first, you’re welcome to send delegates to one of our public courses.

You’ll find upcoming courses on our events page.