discussion between two men at tableIn last months newsletter and on our website, we put out an appeal for electric vehicle owners and non-EV owners alike to lend us their experiences and perceptions and the response we received was heartily enthusiastic!

Dozens of respondents told us how they would happily give us some insight into their views on EVs, so we asked them to do exactly that over a pizza and a pint at Kendal’s Brewery Arts Centre.

Because we had a wealth of respondents to choose from and only a small amount of space, we sent out invites to those who lived fairly locally so it would be easy enough for them to attend. That’s not to say that we’re completely done with consultations though, so Eden respondents may still have a chance to shape our direction at some point!

The informal focus group was intended to give some insight into the mind of an EV-driver for a team from Mirales Data who are working on their ChargeBetter software for EV chargepoints.

Topics of discussion included the current challenges around adopting EVs, the ideal home situations for making the switch and the smart charging technology being trialled by some companies for future implementation.

The evening was a huge success with each participant contributing enthusiastically to the discussion from a whole range of perspectives for far longer than we could reasonably have asked them to.
Those from Mirales headed home with a greater sense of what the world looks like from an EV driver’s point of view and some optimism from the non-EV drivers who all reinforced their interest in making the switch from petrol and diesel.

Anyone interested in the wider EV project that we and Mirales are working on can find out more on its dedicated page on our site.