There will be two rounds of funding, and the successful applicants will be chosen by the
community at a special online meeting.

The first round of funding will have a total of £30,000 to distribute to groups. Potential
applicants are invited to discuss their ideas with the project coordinator and are
requested to download & save and fill out an application form by the 28th February 2022 and return it to
[email protected]

Applications will then be checked by our funding steering group to make sure that they
fit the eligibility criteria for the fund and are the type of project that we are looking to

Successful first stage applicants will then be invited to provide a presentation to
a special meeting where attendees will be asked to vote for the projects, they feel most
deserve support from the fund (please note – you won’t be able to vote for your own

We are looking to hold this event in the evening of the 31st March 2022 – so please make
a note to attend, even if you don’t plan to put in a funding bid. We hope that there might
be the chance for networking, perhaps the chance for other groups to offer support and
maybe for projects to decide that they would like to work together in future.

Successful applicants will then receive a funding contract for their work, once they have
confirmed details of budgets, delivery plans and monitoring plans.