Our NEW interactive, card-based workshop.

Climate Fresk is a practical and visual example of learning-by-doing. It will:

  • explain the causes and consequences of the various aspects of climate change;
  • focus on the systemic nature of the climate crisis, highlighting long and short-term scientific processes;
  • encourage participants to take an active role throughout the workshop and take ownership of the subject matter;
  • enable individuals and organisations to have an open and positive conversation about the challenges and solutions.


3 hours, in person

The workshop is generally split into three sections, with the last section giving participants time to plan actions and make pledges


£57 for individuals

£97 per delegate from organisations

‘Pay what you can’ option is available.

Bespoke options

If you’d like to send several people on the course or focus on a particular area, we can develop and deliver in-house training tailored to your needs.

CAfS offers an option to pay what you can afford (available for individuals who live or work in Cumbria only).

We do not wish anyone to be disadvantaged from accessing this training due to their current financial circumstances.

“I thought I felt quite confident in my climate knowledge, but I learned so much about the different processes that are involved. Ones I had never even heard of!”

Course attendee

Course outcomes

You will walk away from the Climate Fresk with an understanding of:

  • the scientific processes causing climate change;
  • how these processes are interlinked;
  • the systemic nature of the challenges we face;
  • the consequences of inaction and how they can be mitigated.

You will gain:

  • more confidence in your knowledge on the subject;
  • an improved ability to share what you have learnt with others and to inspire change within your community;
  • the skills to develop actionable plans for the future.

Most importantly, you will leave feeling inspired, aware of the scale of the challenge, and positive about the effect you can have within your home, community or workplace.


We can adapt our standard course materials to focus specifically on your sector, organisation or community, the impact it has on the climate, and how to make a positive change.

We have extensive experience in tailoring our courses for specific sectors such as local authorities, parish councils, the hospitality industry and the education sector. Our standard price for a three-hour Climate Fresk workshop is from £835 per session for up to 14 people, or from £1,670 per session for up to 28 people (from £60 per person). It can also be scaled up for 100+ people – please get in touch to discuss.

If you’d like to discuss a bespoke course, please contact Hazel at [email protected].