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Meet one of our new community climate champions

Matthew Stemp joined our Climate Champions in the first call for volunteers, about three months ago.  He is a youth worker, who was interested in the programme as a way of meeting like-minded people in his area, and sharing his enthusiasm for making a difference with climate action. Here he explains how the first three months as a volunteer Climate Champion has gone. The first three months as a climate champion volunteer involved some training, we had some practical support like CAfS policies and data handling, and I also took one of their carbon literacy courses. All of this was very [...]

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Call for Climate Champions to support Cumbria’s drive to net zero.

CAfS putting out a call for volunteers to be part of our third year of community climate champions. Our Climate Champions receive accredited Carbon Literacy training and full support from our brilliant team here at CAfS. They increase their knowledge of climate science and solutions and actively promote actions and ideas that can be developed and maintained in their community. They build confidence and develop relationships within their community, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with others. The Climate Champions project has been very successful so far, training over 35 volunteers and reaching over 1300 people thorough a wide variety of [...]

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Community climate champions generate momentum towards net zero Cumbria

In August 2022, we recruited and trained 15 enthusiastic volunteers in the latest climate science and solutions, to equip them with the knowledge and skills they needed to go out into their communities and share their learning with others. The aim was to engage audiences who might not have been to a climate-themed event before, and encourage them to do something to reduce their carbon footprint or do something climate positive, to contribute towards Cumbria reaching its net zero goal. Champions were active across the county, and occupied a diverse age range from 20s through to 80s! Armed with knowledge [...]

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Volunteer Climate Champions spread the message

Did you know about the growing network of climate champion volunteers across Cumbria?   In July we recruited a team of volunteer ‘climate champions’ for the second year in a row. Each champion completed accredited Carbon Literacy training delivered by us and further training to prepare them for setting up and delivering events in their community.   This year many of the events have had creative themes, such as green bunting and banner making and a plant-based brunch to engage families. In fact, one champion set up a dedicated Facebook group for parents to reduce their carbon emissions (which you [...]

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