Over 1.6 million people worldwide have attended a Climate Fresk – a new way of learning about climate science and the causes and consequences of climate change.

And now, the CAfS team have also experienced this interactive and dynamic way of understanding climate change which has been rolled out in over 160 countries.

Climate Fresk is a three hour activity where participants link the causes and effects of climate change by organising and arranging cards. It’s effective, accessible and fun, as well as being easily adaptable for different audiences. It’s a powerful tool for ensuring quality climate education.

Our Climate and Carbon Literacy trainers now include experienced Climate Fresk facilitators and thanks to our staff team undergoing the session, we were able develop our own confidence, discuss how Climate Fresk could support our projects and explore the differences in the climate science and carbon literacy courses that we offer.

Hazel Graham, our Climate and Carbon Literacy Training Manager explains how the course can support our aims:

“Fresk means that we can facilitate a course that is really hands on, dynamic and will reach an audience who enjoy learning-by-doing. As we often get requests for half day courses the3hr timing of the course means this suits that – and we’re proud to be bringing this to Cumbria and can’t wait to get started.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about Climate Fresk, you can see our latest courses over on our events page.