Marjolein Thickett comes on board this October to work as a freelance language advisor, editor/proofreader and subtitler for Cumbria Action for Sustainability. Marjolein runs The Native Crowd from the South Lakes, where she lives. In her business, she collaborates with smart and creative individuals and organisations to safeguard our world and promote a healthy and ethical lifestyle. The Native Crowd works with businesses that work in and on the environment, specifically in sports and sustainability.

As part of her company’s commitment to the environment, Marjolein has chosen to volunteer her expertise to CAfS each month. She will be collaborating with the marketing team primarily and will work on consistency and accessibility across our website, social media and YouTube channel.

Marjolein explains her reasons for sharing her expertise with CAfS:

Living in the South Lakes, I’ve always known how important the environment is to me. However, in recent years, I’ve become depressingly aware of just how fragile our world is. Much of my time is spent outdoors, whether climbing or hiking in the local mountains, riding the Grizedale forest trails, or swimming in Coniston and Windermere. I’m therefore keenly aware of all that we would lose should we continue down this climate crisis spiral.

CAfS has been on my radar for a while now, and I’ve been impressed with the incredible work they do in Cumbria. I’ve used their services myself and for close family, so the organization’s commitment to driving positive change at a local level really resonates with me.

As I say to customers, effective communication is a crucial aspect of sustainability initiatives. I believe I can help CAfS convey their message effectively to a broad audience. Whether this is ensuring audiovisual accessibility, editing press releases, creating style guides or refining outreach materials, I aim to ensure that CAfS’ message is clear, engaging, and accessible to a wide range of people. By supporting the communication aspect of their work, I hope to contribute to their efforts in raising awareness and inspiring action on sustainability issues in Cumbria.

Volunteering my time to CAfS allows me to contribute to a cause I’m 100% committed to. It’s also an opportunity for me to use my skills and expertise to support vital work. Volunteering for sustainability causes is not just an opportunity to give back; it’s a chance to be part of positive change in local communities and the wider world. The impact of collective action can be significant, and every contribution matters. I would encourage anyone who’s passionate about sustainability to explore local opportunities to make a difference in their own unique way.

Together, we can make a real impact on the challenges facing our planet.

We’re really exciting to be working with Marjolein, she brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to our communication and is as passionate as we are about the future of Cumbria in the fight against climate change.