Two members of the CAfS team are helping to scrutinise sustainability and inclusivity at Electricity North West and the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership (CLEP).

Phil Davies, our low carbon development manager, has been invited to join the new Places sub-group of the CLEP. Phil will scrutinise and advise on the sustainability and carbon impact of CLEP initiatives, along with projects it funds.

Phil is also a member of the sustainability board for Electricity North West, where he’ll assess proposals to decarbonize its operations and its external engagement with consumers, to help ensure they are sustainable and inclusive.

Andrew Northcott, our domestic energy efficiency project manager, represents CAfS on Electricity North West’s stakeholder advisory panel for vulnerable customers. Through the panel, Andrew will be able to raise issues that vulnerable customers face and help to influence the company’s policy and funding.

He hopes his input will help to improve referral rates for the Priority Services Register while also building links with other partners representing vulnerable customers who might benefit from CAfS services. Andrew’s involvement may also help to direct funding to projects in our area that support vulnerable customers.