The UK’s biggest ever celebration of tackling climate change and protecting nature is back! Great Big Green Week is celebrated this year between the 8th and 16th of June,

Last year was the biggest here in Cumbria, with over 70 events listed on the Zero Carbon Cumbria site, and a huge diversity of events which appealed to a range of audiences across the county.

This year the theme from The Climate Coalition is ‘Let’s Swap Together for Good’ -and whilst events can cover any aspect of climate change and nature protection the theme encourages groups to explore events that reduce waste and encourage the reuse and recycling of goods.

As they explain on their site, it can mean repair cafes, seed swaps, clothes swaps, book swaps, knowledge swaps and even skill swaps. The Climate Coalition also hold training webinars to support events, such as talking to the media and how to publicise your event.

Zero Carbon Cumbria have put together a webpage with all the events, information and guidance you could need to plan your Great Big Green Week event. They will also list events, and share them on their socials so you can ensure your event is seen. 

 Ideas for events range from communities swapping skills in repair cafes or allotments, friends swapping fast fashion for second hand finds, neighbours swapping tips on insulation or electric vehicles, or toddler groups organising toy and equipment swaps – and organisers say that every swap adds up to make a big difference. 

Helen Attewell, The Cumbria Sustainability Network Manager explains the idea behind the theme this year  “With the swapping theme, we’re looking for events that grasp the idea of buying less and sharing more; or sharing knowledge, skills and ideas. It could be things like recipe swaps, compost demos, talks about rubbish and recycling, film screenings about nature and the environment – I can’t wait to see what groups can come up with this year!” 

To find our more, get advice, and to list your event go to the Zero Carbon Cumbria site here.