It’s just 3 days until Easter and if you’re looking to celebrate sustainably you may be wondering about the footprint of your Easter egg and how you can do your bit for the climate. 

Alongside issues such as child labour and workers’ rights, climate issues such as palm oil, excess packaging and whether to go vegan are all to be considered when making any chocolate purchase. Ethical Consumer have a useful guide to navigating your Easter egg choices here: Easter Eggs | Ethical Consumer 

If you are in the habit of sending cards at Easter, why not check out our E-cards: Cumbria Action for Sustainability Easter eCards | Every paper card posted accounts for 140g CO2e – the equivalent of travelling 1km by train. We have several bright and cheery designs to choose from and with all proceeds going towards supporting climate action in Cumbria, there’s plenty to feel positive about if you choose to make the switch. 

With families coming together for the holidays, you may also be looking to stock up on groceries or making purchases for short breaks away. ‘Give As You Live’ (GAYL) is an online shopping platform which donates a % of sales to your chosen charity every time you shop. With over 6000 stores to choose from, whether you are buying the ingredients for your Easter Sunday lunch, a new pair of sunglasses, or food for the rabbit, Give as you Live helps you to make a difference without any extra hassle – or expense! 

CAfS have their own online profile so why not hit the link and see how you can support climate action in Cumbria this Easter.