CAfS along with several partners are celebrating a significant funding boost of £571,359 to establish a pioneering business decarbonisation hub. The initiative, set to exclusively support the Westmorland & Furness area, is funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and aims to bolster the sustainability efforts of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), charities, community businesses, and social enterprises. 

Up to 300 local organisations looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save costs will be able to benefit from a range of free and subsidised services, a comprehensive ‘one stop shop’ of carbon reduction support. The services available from the project partners will include expert advice, one-to-one support, training, events and auditing across a wide range of emission sources. The initiative will also distribute £215,000 in grants to support businesses implementing carbon reduction measures. 

The programme boasts a diverse group of experienced industry partners, including Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, Future Fixers, Cumbria Tourism, Lancaster University, Art Gene, Green Small Business, Electricity Northwest, CBEN, Donna Munro, A Muir Surveying, Verday, and Simon Brace EV Consulting, which will collectively contribute to delivering the different elements of the support programme.  

CAfS Low Carbon Communities Programme Manager, Molly Hogg, said, “For several years, we’ve been working together with our partners to support businesses to cut carbon and reap the benefits of becoming more sustainable. It’s fabulous to receive this funding, which allows us to strengthen that collaboration. The grant programme also means organisations can immediately get financial help to act on that advice.” 

To find out more you can access the CAfS Westmorland and Furness here.