Tuesday saw the selection event for the Centre for Leadership Performance’s ‘Dream Placement’.

The project places young people in a work based placement for a week, encouraging them through a rigorous application process, attendance to networking events and interviews with a range of businesses and sectors.

CAfS are very proud to take part this year, adding a ‘green careers’ theme to the scheme by offering an insight at events and leading a  workshop with students about linking their interests to their careers. This week we were interviewing those young people who had got through the application process for their work-based placements later on in the year.

Nida Batchelder, CAfS Youth Project Coordinator explains our involvement,

“It has been fantastic to collaborate with CforLP adding a Green Careers theme to their Dream Placement scheme this year. Presenting to host companies about highlighting their environmentally sustainable values and actions as well as boosting the visibility of green role or jobs within placements as well as recruitment was a privilege. The fact that 97% of young people who attended the workshop valued working for an organisations with sustainable values and 97% were also interested in or concerned by climate change. This is useful for organisations to know in order to proudly promote their values, increase the visibility of green jobs and attract talent.”

The placements take place in February half term, and we’ll be sure to share what we get up to!