This opportunity is now closed – if you are interested please contact [email protected]!

We’re looking for new volunteer Climate Champions in the Copeland area. Through CAfS’ accredited Climate & Carbon Literacy Course, provided free to successful candidates, you’ll increase your knowledge of climate science, solutions and practical actions. Then, using your new found knowledge, and with full support from CAfS’ Climate Champion Coordinator, you’ll organise events – like discussion groups, film nights, quizzes, and reading groups – all in your own area to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with others. Even having conversations with people about climate change that you wouldn’t have done before the training will count!

Being a Climate Champion could enable you help drive the implementation of the Copeland People’s Panel recommendations – ensuring green priorities set by Copeland residents are carried out, or generate more climate action in West Cumbria through the new ‘Westogether’ initiative. It might give you an entry route into a green career, or help embed climate change into the agenda of your local parish council, and in fact we’d especially love to hear from Copeland parish councillors.

You’ll receive training to deliver sessions in your community, including a one-day comprehensive, accredited Carbon Literacy training course and induction and ongoing support from CAfS’ Climate Champion Coordinator. We also hope to arrange a one day Zero Carbon Britain training (Centre for Alternative Technology) as an optional extra for those who wish to attend. This is a fantastic opportunity for our community climate volunteers to develop new skills, as well as bringing benefits to your community and playing a really important part in tackling climate change.

Please complete the expression of interest form either online or offline. Please don’t send a CV!

Ongoing recruitment – apply now!

You’ll get…

  • Induction

  • Free Climate & Carbon Literacy training

  • Full support from CAfS Climate Champions Coordinator

Organise events…

  • Reading groups

  • Film nights

  • Climate quizzes

You will…

  • Create an entry route to green jobs

  • Generate more climate action in West Cumbria through the new ‘Westogether’ initiative.

  • Help ensure green priorities set by Copeland residents are carried out

This opportunity is open to people over the age of 18. If you’re under 18, please do keep an eye on our website and social media, as there’ll be opportunities for youth volunteers at a later date. 

We wish to support diversification of the voices in the Cumbrian climate movement and particularly welcome applications from individuals on a low income, individuals in areas without an existing sustainability group or from anyone who feels that their voice, or the voice of their community is under-represented. 

  • LOCATION: Home-based and in the community

  • REPORTS TO: Clare Taylor, Community Climate Champions Coordinator.  She will induct, train, support and guide the champions. Please email Clare with any questions.

  • TIME COMMITMENT:  Roughly 5-10hrs per month until Feb 2024, including induction and training. Your activities will start when you’ve completed your induction. It doesn’t matter what form your activities take – what matters is reaching people and making an impact.

  • DURATION: Your induction will take place in September. Your sessions will be delivered from October ’23 to February ’24 and beyond if you’re able!

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