If you've been to your local household waste recycling site lately, you'll have seen the amount of goods we throw away here in Cumbria.

Volunteer at Penrith Repair Cafe fixing a sewing machine foot pedalWe live in a consumerist society, with lots of pressures to buy more things. As new goods replace old, more and more of our household goods end up being thrown away.

But there are ways to keep useful goods out of landfill. From TVs and phones to sofas and spades, our tips below can help you cut down the amount of goods you need to dispose of.

Get in a fix!

We’re often called a throwaway society, but more things can be fixed than you might think.

It can feel like nothing’s made to last these days, but many common items can be repaired and there are at least three great reasons for doing it:

  1. It might save you money if it’s cheaper to repair than replace
  2. The broken item won’t end up in landfill
  3. Fewer new items need to be made, which is good for the environment – fewer CO2 emissions from producing and transporting goods.

Here are a few tips that might help you get that broken bike or toaster back into use!

Give it away!

Freegle Give & Take Penrith 2015Furniture, garden stuff, clothes, toys, tools… so many fantastic items with lots of life left in them get thrown away every year.

Yet, with just a little effort, it can be easy to find a new home for most of the re-usable items you don’t want any more.

Here are just three ways that you could stop good stuff from going to waste. You might even help your community, too.