The need to reduce plastic waste has never been greater.

Plastic-Clever Cumbria pledges

The amount of plastic waste in the UK has reached a crisis point, with some councils stopping plastic recycling and reports of stockpiles of plastic waste.

Thankfully, though, public interest in cutting down on plastic waste is at an all-time high.

Reducing single-use plastic is a challenge – it seems like everything comes wrapped in the stuff, from toys to food. There are government plans to cut down on it, and further EU legislation on the way, but the timescales are far off.

Each of us can act now, though. Follow our tips below for cutting your plastic footprint.

Plastic-Clever Cumbria pledges

Ready to make some pledges to reduce plastic in different ways? Choose from more than a dozen actions in the Plastic-Clever Cumbria pledge scheme. Simply visit the online form and tick the ones you’re prepared to do.

The scheme is coordinated by Penrith Action for Community Transition with the support of environmental groups from across the county and Cumbria County Council.