How do we apply?

Plan your project with other members of your group and think about how you will answer the questions in the application form before you fill it in. For example,  you could construct a word document that you could use to ‘cut and paste’ into the form: Contact details – email, phone, address, website if applicable Summary of the project/event/activity you plan to do What do you hope this will achieve? How will you know if your project has been a success? What costs do you need help with from the Zero Carbon Cumbria funding? Do you have exact quotes for [...]

I have heard about Green Homes Grant – LAD, what is this and can I apply?

A Green Homes Grant LAD is a government funded grant which is delivered by the local authority where they can set a broader criteria for eligibility to meet the problems in their areas. The conditions are similar but not the same and so that should be checked upon with your own local authority where you live. The time scales for these grants are also longer than the individual homeowner voucher scheme. With some schemes running until 2022. Eden have a Green Homes Grant LAD scheme set up to cover harsh weather areas in the first instance around Alston, Langwathby and [...]

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What about getting or if I have Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

The Green Homes Grant can be used in conjunction with the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), but only if you do not currently receive RHI payments for the specific installation you are applying for with the grant. Homeowners will first need to apply for a Green Homes Grant and then apply for RHI. The cost of the vouchers provided will then be taken off the value of their projected RHI payments. However, this cannot work the other way round: you cannot apply for RHI first before applying for the Green Homes Grant.  

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What VAT rate is work charged at, and is that covered by the voucher? 

VAT on the installation of many energy-efficiency measures is not necessarily charged at the usual 20% rate. Instead, installers can, in many circumstances, charge 5% VAT, if both their customer and the installed measure qualify. Installers will provide quotations and will show which elements of their installation are charged at the lower rate, and which are charged at the normal rate. The installer usually has to buy the materials at the higher rate, but they can claim that back when they sell at the lower rate. The 5% rate is available on the installation of all the primary measures in [...]

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I have applied for the voucher. When can installation start? 

The installer cannot start work until the voucher has been issued. It will take about 10 days for the voucher to be issued from when you put the application in. (For applications submitted in October there will be a longer delay in receiving your voucher as the Scheme Administrator is having to manually process the applications while their automated systems are developed. The first homeowners should have started receiving their vouchers towards the end of October.) The government confirmed that as of 4pm on 20 October, the Green Homes Grant voucher scheme had received 20,903 applications since its launch.  

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Do I need to get quotes from more than one installer?

No, you only need one quote that covers each measure you are installing. When you apply for a voucher the Scheme Administrator will compare that quoted price with other quotes on their system to ensure the homeowner is not being overcharged.  The government still recommends you seek out three quotes before making your choice of installers, but, given the very tight deadlines and the limited number of registered installers, it is not a requirement and a single quote is sufficient for this scheme.    

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