Ways to structure your business's carbon reduction

Having a clear framework for improving the sustainability of your business will help you to approach it holistically and systematically and achieve the right outcomes.  

You may wish to align your business with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, or use Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics model. These will help to frame your approach and help you see how your business contributes to the bigger picture. You may then wish to go one step further and work towards a certified standard. Consumers are increasingly wary of ‘greenwash’ so accreditation from a third party will reassure them. 

General standards include ISO 14001, which relates to environmental management systems, or Green Small Business, which is a small business alternative. There is also BCorps, which is a broader sustainability standard, and the Carbon Trust Standard 

Sector specific certification standards include for example Green TourismFood Made Good from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and the Soil Association standards for food and drink, food service, farming, beauty and well-being, fashion and textiles and forestry. 

Numerous other initiatives may be useful for inspiration and guidance, such as: