When choosing an energy supplier, we suggest that you weigh up the rates on offer alongside the quality of the provider. You can do this by asking the following questions:

  •     Do they have positive reviews?
  •     Will they be easy to contact if you have any issues?
  •     Is there an exit fee?

When you switch with CAfS via our partner The Energy Shop, you can be sure you’re switching to a quality supplier, whether you choose a Big Six energy supplier or a smaller provider.

The latest statistics from EnergyUK show that around 34% of customers are switching from what are considered as ‘larger suppliers’ to ‘small and mid-tier suppliers’, but you need to be cautious about being tempted by a supplier that simply offers low prices.

The energy market is constantly evolving and a number of new suppliers rush to the top of price comparison results pages based on price, only to find their customer service can be lacking as they struggle to handle the volume of customers that suddenly come their way. In doing so, this can lead to consumer frustration as teething issues set in so as we say consider price but also service.

CAfS may be able to help you with energy advice and tariff comparisons. To see if you are eligible for this free service see https://cafs.org.uk/cafs-draughtproofing-energy-saving-services/