If you're struggling with draughts or high heating bills, CAfS may be able to help through our range of Cold to Cosy Homes services.

We offer a range of home-energy services that are free for eligible households.

Householders with an LED bulb and a Chimney Sheep, which they received as part of the CAfS draught proofing serviceWho is our service for?

If you want a warmer, more comfortable home and to save on your heating bills, this could be for you.

The scheme is free depending on your household income, benefits and a range of health conditions.

Living in your own home? Or are you renting from a private landlord? Or living in social housing? It doesn’t matter – if you meet the criteria, we can help.

What do you get?

FREE home energy efficiency advice visit from a qualified assessor and FREE draughtproofing by a professional installer.

This might include:

  • Fitting energy saving improvements
  • Referring on for professionally installed draught-proofing
  • Advice or help with switching energy tariff
  • Referring on for other assistance and support

It is easy to find out more – just contact us now on 01768 210276 or office@cafs.org.uk.

An example of one our services

We are the Cumbrian provider for the national LEAP energy and money-saving service.

The LEAP service is free of charge for eligible households and begins with a visit to your home by a trained assessor, at a time that’s convenient for you. A typical visit could include:

Draughtproofing: The assessor can check for draughts around your home and can fit some basic draughtproofing equipment there and then if needed.

LED bulbs: The assessor can check the light bulbs in your home and replace older incandescent and halogen bulbs with low-energy LEDs.

Energy-saving equipment: We may also give you other equipment to reduce your bills – for example, radiator reflectors that bounce heat back into your room instead of into your walls.

Energy-saving advice: The assessor can have a chat with you about the different ways you use energy around the house, and pass on tips that will save energy and money.

Tariff check: The assessor can go through your energy bills with you and check if you could save money by moving to a different tariff. They can even do the switch for you, if you like.

Energy-efficiency improvements: If you need more substantial measures, like loft insulation or a new boiler, the assessor can refer you for any support or grants that might be available at the time.

Money-saving advice: If you’d like help with benefits, debt and money problems, the advisor can arrange a free telephone advice service for you.

“I despaired at my rising electricity bill. It went up to £170 per month for the winter months, which was way too high for a flat. I don’t have gas in the flat so rely on electricity for all heating.

I heard about LEAP from Kendal People’s Café, who shared it on social media. I emailed LEAP, who called me back very quickly to make an appointment. They were really efficient and the appointment was for the following week. Peter [the assessor] was very personable. He had ID and the visit was perfect. He did a tariff comparison and completed the switch of my energy company to a better value one – I’d been meaning to do this for weeks.

Peter looked at draughts and did a temporary improvement to my front door and referred me on for professionally installed draughtproofing through a CAfS scheme. He switched my light bulbs to LED ones, which are great. He also referred me on for an income maximisation service, to see what other money advice I can get.

I would definitely recommend LEAP to other people and am suggesting it to a friend.”

Catherine Yates, South Lakeland resident

Who’s eligible

The eligibility criteria for LEAP are quite broad.

Income – Those on a low income or on certain benefits

Health – People affected by certain health conditions and disabilities

Vulnerability – Those affected by a range of circumstances, including bereavement and periods of homelessness

See full eligibility criteria