Videos: Tackling damp & condensation in your home

If you’re struggling with damp and condensation in your home, this series of four short videos will give you lots of tips on how to tackle it.

You’ll also pick up some tips for using less energy in your home, saving you money on your bills.


Video 1 – What’s causing the dampness in your home?

In the first video, we’ll help you figure out whether your dampness is caused by a problem with your building or condensation.


Video 2 – The causes of condensation

In this second video, we’ll show you how condensation gets generated just by going about day-to-day life in your home.


Video 3 – How to reduce condensation

In this third video, you’ll get lots of tips for reducing condensation in your home.


Video 4 – How to use your heating system’s controls

In this fourth video, we’ll show you how to use your heating controls efficiently, to help you keep dampness and condensation at bay and also reduce your energy bills.


Videos produced by CAfS on behalf of Cumbria Housing Partners. Filming and editing by Eden Lighthouse.

Our thanks to Cumbria Housing Partners for allowing us to share these videos here on our website.


Cumbria Housing Partners