Get greener energy

One of the biggest things that any household can do to help prevent climate change is to get onto a renewables-only tariff for your electricity.

Quite a few energy suppliers offer tariffs where the power you use is bought in from renewable energy like solar and wind.

If you haven’t changed tariff for a while, you’re likely to save some money, too. If you looked at renewables-only tariffs in the past and found them more expensive than other tariffs, please do check again as they’ve come down a lot lately.


Here are two great options for changing to a renewables-only tariff:


  1. Check a range of tariffs through Energylinx

Energylinx logoPhone Energylinx on 0800 520 2031 (Monday to Thursday 9am – 8pm; Friday 9am – 6pm). We recommend Energylinx as they’re 100% impartial, they check all suppliers, they’re free to use and they’re based in the UK.

When you’re looking for a renewable energy tariff, phone them rather than going online because you can’t tell on the website which tariffs are renewables only.

And, if you do switch through Energylinx, we’ll receive a small donation at no cost to you – so you’ll doubly tackle climate change by also supporting our work.


2. Change to Ecotricity

Ecotricity are a bit different from most other energy suppliers… they don’t just supply green energy, they make it, too. In their own words: “We’ll use the money from your bills to build new sources of green energy (it’s what we call turning ‘bills into mills’), and we’ll give you the best customer service in the industry too.”

If you use this link to get a quote and switch to Ecotricity, they’ll give CAfS a small donation:

Get a quote from Ecotricity