Sustainable Community Buildings

We have worked with more than 70 community buildings in the last 6 years, helping secure over £750,000 of investment in energy efficiency improvements to community buildings in Cumbria. We are delighted to be able to expand on this work through our ESF funded programme, providing expert advice and training to management committees to enable them enhance the environmental and financial sustainability of their buildings.

The multiple benefits of the project include:

i) Lowering the running costs of the buildings, making them more financially sustainable.

ii) Creating warmer, less damp places to meet, encouraging increased use of the buildings by the community.

iii) Lowering carbon emissions, helping the environment.

iv) Demonstrating to the wider public what can be achieved in their own homes.

v) Energising the wider community into action, thereby strengthening their ability to enact change.

With the new Feed in Tariff there is an even greater and timely opportunity to engage with the users of these buildings as FiTs provide a financially sound rationale for installing renewables.

We have helped several buildings install their first renewable energy systems including a solar thermal hot water system in Longtown Community Centre and the first wood pellet boiler system in Ousby Village Hall.

We also have excellent contacts with local suppliers of energy efficient and renewable products through our Green Build Festival and Training Programme and continue to work with community groups on sustainable activities in their communities.

Professional Energy advice

Over the years we have worked with the Cumbria Energy Auditing Group, a body of local, professional architects, heating engineers, surveyors and ventilation experts who offer bespoke advice on lowering energy costs and carbon emissions in a wide range of building types – from schools and village halls to commercial buildings and council properties. The Group harnesses and shares the combined expertise of all of its professionals within the Group, thereby providing clients with the best advice. You can contract with these experts directly if you require a bespoke energy audit or technical advice for your building.

Committee Training

We can combine an energy advisory report with a management committee training on your specific building needs. Part of the ESF funded Green Ways project, this will be free (subject to the funding we still have available) and will provide you with much of the information you need to make choices on improving the energy efficiency of your building . For more information please get in touch.

We can also deliver training sessions on:Thermal imaging – geared towards those who will use thermal imaging as a way of engagement with their local communities on energy efficiency messagesEnergy efficiency – aimed at volunteers who wish to run local energy efficiency projects, this training will provide a more detailed of energy efficiency and thermal performance of cumbrian buildings and top tips to impart.Energy efficiency  & renewables roadshows – we are developing some events to deliver in conjunction with village halls/parish councils etc  to raise awareness of their local communities.All events are subject to funding and availability – please contact us for more information.(Delivered in partnership with the Cumbria Waste Management Trust, the Lake District National Park Sustainable Development Fund and the European Social Funded Green Ways to Work project)