Rural Cumbria Connects: Community Energy

Here at CAfS, we’re involved in an exciting consortium called Rural Cumbria Connects. Set up in 2013, Rural Cumbria Connects (RCC) brings together key players in the Renewable Energy sector from both the private and third sector who are working together to help rural communities in Cumbria develop community energy projects.

Rural Cumbria Connects have already been successful in helping three communities in Cumbria to apply for and receive funding from the Government’s Rural Community Energy Fund.  This money has funded work on detailed feasibility studies looking at various renewable energy technologies for each community, and has helped the groups involved to really get their local community engaged in the projects.

  • Sustainable Energy Eden (based at Kirkby Thore in the Eden Valley) have focused on the potential for an Anaerobic Digestion plant in the village and the community’s views on this.
  • Bootle in Cumbria CIC (based at Bootle in Copeland) have been investigating the feasibility of biomass district heating and anaerobic digestion in the village and the levels of community support for these ideas.
  • Brampton and Beyond Energy (based at Brampton near Carlisle) are investigating the feasibility of a wide range of renewable energy technologies in and around Brampton and again, the support from the local community for the ideas.

Rural Cumbria Connects can offer your community specialist knowledge and experience of all renewable energy technologies (Anaerobic Digestion, Solar PV and Thermal, Wind energy, Hydro and Biomass) and District Heating Systems.  They can also help you to properly engage all members of your local community in your plans.

If you’re interested in what Rural Cumbria Connects could offer your community, please contact Hazel Broatch of Reiver Renewables in the first instance on

Rural Cumbria Connects consortium members are:

  • Barden Energy Ltd
  • Biogas Power Ltd
  • Bizcat AB
  • Cumbria Action for Sustainability
  • Low Luckens Organic Resource Centre Ltd
  • Reiver Renewables