Riverside Housing Association

From October 2014 – February 2015 we helped Riverside Housing Association residents in Longtown, Carlisle save energy and better understand their new heating and hot water systems.

Two versions of a bespoke newsletter were written, giving advice on top energy saving tips, air-source heat pumps and solar photovoltaic installations.  These newsletters also gave residents information on the proposed external wall insulation (EWI) installation on selected properties and the consultation events related to the EWI improvements.  They also introduced the one-to-one energy saving advice that CAfS would be giving over the 2014/15 heating season.

The association proposed to install EWI on a select number of properties and CAfS ran a consultation event to give information to tenants and allow them to ask questions.  CAfS coordinated preferred suppliers and consultants to deliver the event with display boards plans, samples and short talks.

Over a number of months during the 2014/15 heating season, CAfS home energy experts gave one-to-one energy advice to Riverside Housing Association tenants helping them learn how to use their new heating systems efficiently, understand settings on their heating controls, giving guidance on the best fuel tariffs and other energy saving tips.

One resident said: “Nancy from CAfS came to visit us and helped us understand our energy use better and made sure we could use our boiler properly. Now I want to help other people understand their bills better and help them save money. Some people really struggle. I know one guy who is paying 60 pound a week. How can people survive like that without getting into debt? Everyone should be able to get some help like this with their energy bills.”


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