Cumbria CVS: Emergency Planning

Cumbria CVS have teamed up with Cumbria ACT to work with groups, organisations and communities to help them better plan for emergencies.

Cumbria CVS are helping local voluntary organisations to review their services and activities and to help develop or review business continuity plans, whilst ACT are supporting communities in Eden to come together to produce emergency response plans.

Training workshops are also available for community members, activists and workers focussing on identifying emergencies in a variety of contexts gaining a greater understanding of emergency, response and continuity planning and improving awareness of organised responses to emergencies

The CVS/ACT team are also collating resources for use by groups, organisations and communities. For further information, or details of how the project can benefit you, please see contact details below.

Running an organisation can be unpredictable – you never know what’s around the corner. But have you ever thought about what would happen if your organisation or essential staff were involved in an emergency or crisis?

Watch this fab animated video for more things to think about.

For further details of the FREE support you can get for your organisation, please email or telephone 01768 800350 and ask for Mark or Tony.

For support with developing a community emergency response plan please contact Hellen Aitken email or telephone 01768 869520.