CAfS draught-proofing service

Seal up unwanted draughts and save on your heating bills with our draught-proofing service for residents* in Carlisle and Eden.

One of our experienced team will visit your home to assess it for draughts and give you advice on ways to save energy. A professional fitter will then visit your home at a pre-arranged date and time to install draught-proofing products, which might include seals, brushes and draught strips for doors and windows, letter box covers, keyhole covers, chimney balloons and other gadgets.

*This service is available to tenants and home owners in Carlisle and Eden free of charge if you meet one of these criteria:

      • Over 60 year old and on a low income.
      • Under 60 and in receipt of a means tested benefit.
      • A member of the household has a disability or long term health issue.

Basic draught-proofing is generally quite straightforward but makes a big difference. Here’s what one previous customer told us:

“I’m really pleased with the draught proofing. The installer was very thorough and didn’t leave any trace or mess. Already I can feel the difference around my ankles now the door has been draught proofed!”


How to book:

To arrange free draught proofing or for more information please call 01768 210276 or email 

Please book as soon as possible, as places are limited.

The service is run by Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) thanks to funding from the Ebico Trust.


What are you offering?

A free service to qualifying households to supply and install draught-proofing products free of charge. Service includes a draught-proofing assessment of your home by one of our experienced team, who can also provide advice on a variety of ways to save energy.

Who can get free draught-proofing?

Residents of Carlisle or Eden District (homeowners or tenants) who meet one of these criteria:

  • Over 60 years old and on a low income.
  • Under 60 and in receipt of a means-tested benefit.
  • A member of the household has a disability or long-term health issue.

Who is funding this?

The Ebico Trust

What happens after I book?

We will contact you to arrange a convenient time to visit and assess your home for draughts. Once we’ve worked out which draught-proofing products you need, we’ll arrange a time for a professional installer to come out and fit them.

Who will be visiting my home?

Your initial visit will be a CAfS staff member.

The installation will be by a professional installer, who is approved by CAfS.

Can I have the draught-proofing kit and fit it myself?

After your initial home visit, once we know what products you need, we’ll discuss the fitting with you.

I am concerned that my home needs ventilation. Will draught-proofing cause dampness?

The assessment at your home will only specify draught-proofing in the correct places for your home. Following draught-proofing, you may have to open windows more often and use any extractor fans you have to properly control ventilation and allow moisture to escape. This is especially important in kitchens, bathrooms and any rooms where you dry washing. We will explain this at your draught-proofing visit.