Looking back over year 1

Alston Moor Greenprint swirlNovember 2017 marks one year since we began the Alston Moor Greenprint project. It’s been quite a year!

We started off by laying the foundations for the project – getting all the partnerships and processes in place and building the Greenprint into the new community plan being developed for Alston Moor.

We also worked out how we’d engage Alston Moor residents in the Greenprint and community plan, and we began talking to groups and individuals about it.

The first year culminated in the Greenprint Festival, a week-long programme of events that promoted low-carbon solutions and hopefully inspired people to take action. Some of the festival events also helped us understand residents’ priorities for the future of Alston Moor, paving the way for the consultation we have planned for year two.

You can see a snapshot of what we’ve done in year one on the Greenprint timeline, and the full story is in our year one report:

Alston Moor Greenprint – Year 1 Evaluation


Alston Moor Greenprint – possible thanks to:

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