If you choose Ecotricity as your energy supplier, all your energy will come from renewables and the company also funds the building of new sources of green energy, so you’ll be helping the UK move to renewables for even more of our energy.

And, if you switch to Ecotricity using this link, you’ll also generate a donation of up to £60 for CAfS, at no cost to you.

Plus, Ecotricity routinely rates very highly for their customer service.

If you’ve been pulling your hair out because of high costs and poor service from other suppliers, it could be time for a change!


More about Ecotricity

They’re a ‘not-for-dividend’ company – their profits go back into their mission of building new sources of green energy. As they state on their website, on average they spend more per customer each year on new sources of green energy than any other energy company in Britain – bar none. And they share the benefits of their work through their ‘ecobonds’, giving people the chance to share the financial benefits of the green energy revolution.


Check out Ecotricity for your energy