Find out where your building is losing heat with a thermal imaging survey by CAfS.

We offer thermal imaging surveys of your home, business or community building to EN 13187:1998.

A thermal imaging survey shows up where heat is being lost from your building. It’s a very effective way to detect draughts, find areas where your insulation might be missing or damaged, and identify heating and ventilation problems, as well as damp issues.

CAfS thermal imaging surveys

A thermal imaging survey by CAfS can spot heat loss from a building, like this oneWe normally do thermal imaging surveys between our colder months of October and April. That’s when there’s the most difference between the temperature inside and outside your home, showing up any colder spots on your building’s outside walls and roof.

The service is fully adaptable, whether you’re looking for a whole-house survey or just one problem area.

Prices start at £180, depending on the size and location of the property. Your thermal imaging survey includes:

  • a pre-survey discussion to ascertain the type and size of building and the most appropriate time to carry out the thermal imaging survey
  • a professional thermal imaging survey
  • feedback on findings during the survey
  • thermal images provided digitally

With this level of survey, we’ll show you there and then where your cold spots are. We’ll also send you digital copies of the thermal images by email.

If you would prefer a complete thermal imaging report, we can offer this as an additional service. Your report would include:

  • a description of thermal anomalies and defects
  • recommendations and links to products, suppliers, or other services