If you have an idea of what activities you want to deliver, please get in touch with Cumbria Sustainability Network Coordinator via [email protected] to look at how we might be able to support you to get started.  You will need to think through how to deliver your project, put together a project plan and budget, and will need to put processes in place to enable to report back on what you have achieved.

There are a number of organisations based in Cumbria (and nationally) which provide information and support on how to set up a new group, as well as information on where else you may be able to apply for funding once you are up and running.

Help to get started or to strengthen your organisation

Depending on the type of organisation, you can access help from a number of sources including :

Cumbria Council for Voluntary Services: Cumbria CVS offers help, advice, training and support to third sector groups throughout Cumbria.  They have lots of really useful guidance on their website:

Development | Cumbria CVS

ACT -Action with Communities in Cumbria has a particular focus on supporting communities in rural areas: Rural and community development charity for Cumbria – Action with Communities in Cumbria, Penrith, Cumbria (cumbriaaction.org.uk)

They have many useful resources on their website, including how to set up a new group:

Setting up a group Cumbria – Action with Communities in Cumbria, Penrith, Cumbria (cumbriaaction.org.uk)